Healthy Alternatives to Salad Dressing

JollyHodgers87 Posts: 165 Member
I'm thinking of trying apple cider vinegar and maybe lemon/ lime juices and mixing in herbs with that instead of adding bottled salad dressing this week... Any other ideas for alternatives?!



  • willammoney
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    Honey mustard
  • matuskap
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    Also you can make your own, just dont use mayo. Use sour cream a little salt some herbs and stuff. Its usualy very decent in the end. I eat a lot of cucumbers with some salad leafs, tomato and sour scream dressing. Averages to very low calories per gram of food.
  • puffbrat
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    For the last couple months I have been using frozen-thawed mango on my salads. I quickly realized that the mango was so sweet and wet/juicy from being frozen-thawed that I didn't need dressing.
  • toscarthearmada
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    I use any sort of salsa or guacamole!
  • melisweet
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    balsamic vinegar - a ton of flavor (you can get flavored ones too!) and very few calories!
  • eddiesmith1
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    I make a dressing using Dijon, White Wine Vinegar and Greek Yogurt (and shallots and herbs) works out very well and is signifigantly lower than anything that uses oils but still has a nice mouth feel thanks to the thick yogurt
  • DaisyHamilton
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    I just use lemon juice or have chunks of avocado in the salad
  • ardnassac
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    I use Braggs amino acid for asian style salads. OR make a creamy one with avocado mashed up and plain greek yogurt (add some garlic, and onion powder)
  • lporter229
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    dalila747 wrote: »
    You should always include some sort of fat like olive oil in your salad dressing (unless you're already including some other fat source in the salad) because fat really helps your body to absorb all the nutrients in the salad and veggies.
    I like to drizzle mix 1 teaspoon of olive oil with balsamic vinegar, mustard, and some herbs.

    This. Also add a dab on honey.
    Or Mix salsa and Greek yogurt.
    Or Avocado and vinegar or lime juice.
    Or just add a bit of water or vinegar to your regular salad dressing.
    For lower cal bottled options, try the Bolthouse Farms or Litehouse dressings made with yogurt. They are in the refrigerated section, usually with the produce, and taste pretty good. 45-60 calories/ 2Tbsp.

  • pinggolfer96
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    -apple cider vinegar
    -Greek yogurt
    -mustard(try diff flavors, I like the Chardonnay or spicy)
    -balsamic vinegar
    -SF maple syrup (good when making a sweet maple vinaigrette w/ mustard. A little goes a long way though)
    -pico de gallo
    -hot sauce
    -liquid aminos

    Play around with those ingredients and see what you like. If using the Greek yogurt to make either an ACV dressing or garlic/lemon/dill dressing, I'd suggest mixing it in the morning, covering, and let chill/ marinate in the fridge til you eat your salad(:
  • nm212
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    Apple cider vinegar sounds bitter tasting to me...but maybe I'm wrong
  • jen_bush
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    I love wholegrain mustard, a little extra virgin olive oil with some herbs mixed in... and my guilty pleasure is balsamic vinegar - amazing taste
  • callmecarina
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    I love lemon juice with salt and hot sauce. I also add lemon juice and hot sauce to virtually ALL my soups. Oh man, I can have soup every single day (and do for most lunches) so long as I have lemon & hot sauce.

    My preferred preferrably is Tapatio, Cholula, and Sriracha. So much flavors in those three sauces.
  • snowflake930
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    Simple, evoo & your choice of vinegar and herbs.
  • cwolfman13
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    just keep in mind that some fat in your dressing isn't a bad will help you absorb all of the nutrients in the salad.

    I just use lower fat/lite salad dressings...usually a lite Italian or lite balsamic or I make my own...I never go fat free, I don't see the point...dietary fat is essential and healthy.