Neat ideas

I am new to Myfitnesspal, but I find I am constantly going between where I am eating or preparing to my computer to enter. So, I had this brilliant idea. Take a picture of what I am eating with my phone and enter it that day when you have time. Makes it easier when you are eating out as well. Now I don't stress out trying to remember.


  • evastar
    evastar Posts: 32 Member
    You can also use the mfp app on your phone
  • pnosretep
    pnosretep Posts: 5 Member
    What's the mfp app?
  • pnosretep
    pnosretep Posts: 5 Member
    Duh - My Fitness Pal - - I am kinda new to app world. But I am learning. Thanks I will have to try it.
  • AmyRhubarb
    AmyRhubarb Posts: 6,890 Member
    If you have a smart phone, download the My Fitness Pal app - you can enter everything there rather than having to go to your computer.
  • ridge4mfp
    ridge4mfp Posts: 301 Member
    I find I actually prefer the app to the website. I have it on my iPad and phone.
  • capaul42
    capaul42 Posts: 1,391 Member
    I've only been on the actual website twice. Once to fix my diary settings and once cause I was looking for something. I use the app exclusively.
  • T0M_K
    T0M_K Posts: 7,526 Member
    pictures don't really tell a good story. you really need to be weighing your food very carefully. and as others have said, they put them in the App.
  • LuckyAndi
    LuckyAndi Posts: 203 Member
    When I don't feel like scanning/searching for a food, weighing it, then logging it (especially for meals with a lot of ingredients or layers), I just jot the weight down on a notepad then log it later. Sometimes I just want to eat and am impatient. Most phones have a notepad app already installed if you don't want to use pen and paper.