My success so far

creasey1990 Posts: 8 Member
Hey everyone!

Little bit about myself I suffered with anorexia nervosa from the age of 19 - 22 at my worst I weighed in at 5.5stone! My waist was 22inches and my quads were 14inches!

I was in a bad place and knew only I would be able to do the hard work to get back on track!

After getting out of rehab I started going gym and training hard experimenting with different diets and now at age 25 I weigh in at just under 12 stone



  • katie22mfp
    katie22mfp Posts: 386 Member
    Great work well done you!
  • StealthHealth
    StealthHealth Posts: 2,417 Member
    Congratulations - an inspiring post.
  • megemrj
    megemrj Posts: 547 Member
    As someone who was on the cusp of anorexia in my early teens (blessedly slammed to a screeching halt by my stepmother), I applaud your continued success and recovery. Your story touched my heart.
  • chism21
    chism21 Posts: 155 Member
    Congratulation, you look really good!
  • forruths
    forruths Posts: 196 Member
    Fantastic, you look so healthy! Keep up the good work.
  • MrsMizzart
    MrsMizzart Posts: 52 Member
    Very well done lad.
  • creasey1990
    creasey1990 Posts: 8 Member
    Thank you everyone
  • neiltillbrook
    neiltillbrook Posts: 26 Member
    I know a few people who have been through the same situation as you, and I know it's a feeling you never quite shake. But looking at the progress you've made you've done incredibly, and I hope you continue to do so. Keep up the amazing work :)
  • Wombat468
    Wombat468 Posts: 191 Member
    Good work!
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