Give me an advice what to eat for breakfast


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    What kind of protocol are you following?
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    I either eat eggs or plain Greek yogurt with berries.
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    What kind of protocol are you following?

    Low calorie diet
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    I'm having scrambled eggs, bacon, and potatoes with some strawberries and blueberries this morning.
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    malibu927 wrote: »
    Whatever fits into your goals

    I find this kind of response is quite hilarious. It goes without saying that most people's goal here is to lose weight. So, yeah, do whatever that fits into your goal of losing weight! Very helpful. LOL.

    OP, for breakfast I tend to have only a fancy coffee (a bit richer in creamer and sugar). I don't need much after a good dinner from previous evening and a rest. Try skipping bfast if you don't have heavy activities in the AM.
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    Pizza is usually a great breakfast.
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    Food you like that fits your goals and satisfies you.
    You might find protein foods more filling or a combination of different food types. You might prefer a larger breakfast and smaller lunches and dinners or the other way around. There isn't a one size fits all formula for how to eat your calories.

    Breakfast for me is typically Greek yogurt, granola bars, cereal with milk, sandwich, dinner leftovers, or fruit. Usually it is about 200-300 calories.
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    What do you like? I like coffee first thing...
    Sometimes I make mini banana muffins. I modify a banana bread recipe (sub low-fat plain yogurt for sour cream, use half the butter and sugar, use whole wheat flour and oatmeal instead of all-purpose.) Sometimes I even add a scoop of plain protein powder. One or two of those is really yummy with my coffee.
    I guess it really depends on if you want to cook or not. Greek yogurt and banana or a protein bar are grab and go, or you can cook up some eggs or hot cereal.
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    start with a low cal protein shake, then mid morning a protein bar, light lunch of salad with some meat, and then have a good balanced dinner with a light protein snack before sleeping a full 8 hours, don't ever skip meals as your body with go into a starvation mode and you wont lose anything, remember to have 8 8oz glasses of water each day. even if you drink other liquids to. You will loose
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    Thanks for asking. I'd say a higher protein meal or shake and some fruit. That way your body's metabolism had a chance to restart and you get some natural sugars for some natural energy. Good luck. Keep trying.
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    I try to have a breakfast of about 300-350 calories but have a variety of things I will eat. On the weekends I will make either a fried or scrambled egg with a slice of low cal toast or light English muffin. Usually during the week I will have some form of oatmeal, I prefer steel cut, with low fat Greek yogurt and a little honey or fruit mixed in. Sometimes I will make a yogurt parfait with Greek yogurt, some fruit, and a little granola. I will add a little honey to the yogurt as I use the plain and not flavored. I have also found some low cal muffin, pancake, and breakfast cookie recipes that I will use occasionally. I like corn flakes, shredded wheat, or rice krispies with a banana and 1% milk upon occasion, although I have found that doesn't stick with me as well as some other things. The main thing is to find something you enjoy eating and within your calorie goals. As someone else has said, it really doesn't matter what you eat, just how much.
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    Old fashion oats with fruit and some nuts washed down with a protein shake.
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    porridge or yogurt with fruit and a few nuts, some honey mixed in is yummy, I like a little cereal on top of the yogurt too, eggs, bacon, toast with peanut butter and a banana... the list is endless, as you can see above! whatever you fancy, so long as its within your goals
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    Eggs, bacon, cheese, in a pita.

    mmm YUM! I forget the pita's... thanks for the reminder, been along time since I've tossed eggs into a pita! :)@GuitarJerry