What was your catalyst for weight loss?



  • kandeye
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    Well I was always active, even being chunky. Would hike a lot, lift weights, etc. And even tho I was 225lbs at 5'8 I didn't feel inhibited. Late 2014 my love and I got our first place together and I put on an extra 30 or so happy pounds last year. I started noticing physically how the weight was slowing me down. When we hiked I would take more breaks, or even more devastating was when I would turn down outdoor activities because I was feeling lazy or dreading the discomfort. That snapped me out of it! I am only 15 lbs down so far but feel so much better already. My clothes are fitting right, I can enjoy my hikes( and look forward to them again) and I'm looking forward to being stronger and stronger. It's crazy how we sometimes let ourselves go so far in the wrong direction before we snap out of it.
  • polkadot346
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    For me being fat is a different kind of hard, it was psychologically and emotionally hard. It made me sad, frustrated, isolated, insecure, not to mention the health risks.
    Healthy dieting and exercise is also hard, with discipline, mindfulness and gently pushing physical limits. But this 'hard' is empowering, with unending physical and emotional benefits!
    My catalyst for this year+ journey was also the potential of having kids. I don't want to lose my fitness, good habits and positive self image because of the added stress. I want to be a hardcore, sexy mom! Even if I don't go the kid route, I'll still be better off for the healthier habits.
  • kimdawnhayden
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    I saw a picture of me with my kids and I thought, well when did that happen?
  • ashleyjongepier
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    I have always been obese and have yoyo'd my weight off and on for ages. I got upwards of 360 lbs and I didn't even think I was that big then ironically. I lost some weight, got pregnant and then went back up to 324.

    I was walking my then 2 month old in her stroller and saw myself in a window of a shop and all I could think was omg is that really me? Then I had to walk up a hill to get to my moms house and I was huffing and puffing. It wasn't very hot outside but I was sweating so much when I got there, I spent a few minutes trying not to be sweaty before I even went in. All I could think about was how I don't want to be like this when my daughter is older. I want her to have a good example set for her.

    It sort of stuck, but I had a few months where I wasn't really doing anything. It hit me that while I want to be healthier for my family, I NEED to be healthy for me, not just skinny but healthy. I WANT to be around as long as I can, and I DESERVE to take care of myself.

    I've had ups and downs but I'm down 150 lbs or more (scale break) and I'm slowly fixing my disordered relationship with food and my body.
  • benzieboxx
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    It was kind of a mixture of things for me. A few years back my family was supposed to go to Jamaica for a vacation (we never went) so I thought it would be nice to be more comfortable in my body. So I signed up for WW and weighed in for the first time and the scale read 199lbs. I'm 5'1'' so this is a huge amount of weight for a small frame. Just staring at that number was a shock to my system because I avoided scales and mirrors for so long. It was so much easier to just complain than actually do something. But I think not only was it the scale but also the fact that I had outgrown my size 16 jeans. I was so sure they had shrunk in the wash. Nope, I was just getting bigger.

    I fell off the wagon a few times and just recently have gotten back to a good momentum. I'm about 30lbs away from my goal. :)
  • genpopadopolous
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    I've always been up and down since high school.

    But what really has made it a priority is my children. I want to model healthy decisions for them, and not lead them down this crappy road. I want to be able to PLAY with my kids, and not stand in one spot and kick a ball when it's close enough. And I want to look back on all the pictures of the fun stuff we do and not have my first feeling be embarrassment.

    I lost 40 pounds, fell off the wagon, gained 20 back- and I'm 5 down but battling this time. I'm having a hard time sticking but I'm not giving up.
  • Enjcg5
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    My grandmother getting her leg amputated from T2 diabetes. And my father was a diabetic (he passed away from alcohol abuse). I want a different fate if I can help it.
  • IpakDaley
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    Family history of stroke and heart attack.
    Not wanting to become the biggest person in the office.
    Seeing a picture of myself prior to finding MFP.