If you had a chance for a "do-over" in life, what would you do differently?



  • ElkeKNJ
    ElkeKNJ Posts: 207 Member
    Go to med school, even though it takes is at least 9 Years, and be nicer to my mum.
  • AliciaFK
    AliciaFK Posts: 71 Member
    Taken up a sport seriously & not let things get to me so much, wish I could be more care free about things.
  • liannexxx
    liannexxx Posts: 201 Member
    I wish that my parents or teachers had really explained the importance of health and fitness rather than stressing that I would be happy focussing on a high end career with a huge amount of pressure. I wish I had understood that I should have done something I loved and enjoyed.
  • ashleyjongepier
    ashleyjongepier Posts: 130 Member
    synchkat wrote: »
    Probably skip the first husband

    Totes! I married my first husband knowing full well I was in love with my high school sweet heart. We did end up together and have a beautiful daughter now but it would have been easier to woman up and tell him how I felt rather than not say it and half *kitten* it with someone else.

    Otherwise I would tell my pre teen self to stay myself. Not to change who I am over and over to try to fit in.
  • seekingdaintiness
    seekingdaintiness Posts: 137 Member
    My policy is generally to live without regrets, as one decision and life choice generally flows from the next, but if somehow magically I could go back and change things given some foreknowledge, I would:
    Not go on the pill in college, as it contributed to the health problems that led to my weight gain and migraines down the road;
    Not become vegetarian for the same reason (years of carb loading and avoiding protein didn't help at all);
    Not dated a lot of the people I dated;
    Stood up for myself a lot more often;
    Not wasted money on as much silly stuff and avoided things that got me into debt.
  • vikinglander
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    I would have learned certain Karmic lessons a little earlier in life.

    Loving another human being is the hardest thing any of us will ever do. The worthiness of the endeavor is best summed up for me in a scene from the movie "Contact":

    "...in all our searching, the only thing we've found that makes the emptiness bearable, is each other."


    I don't regret loving any of the people who have been, are, or will be in my life.
  • adiaz155
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    I would have ignored women and focused on school earlier and not gained this 60lbs. I wanted to be a scientist and now I have to settle for nursing. Still going to get my PhD. I don't care I want to leave a mark on this world
  • claer947
    claer947 Posts: 56 Member
    No regrets
  • slinkybinkydog
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    Would have gone to Art School
  • needernt
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    skip university
  • angelrebelde_1
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    I used to be really shy...so it would be to not let my shyness and fear hold me back from life. I'm not really shy anymore but I wasted too much time being that way.
  • Shana67
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    Tough one. I would not have married my 1st husband, but if I didn't do that, I wouldn't have my 3 kids, who are totally my life. Hmmmmmm.