Back again after 10 months , Need friends :(

TonyPillz Posts: 248 Member
I was active for a entire year , full logs available on my page. A lot of people got fed up with my quitting and coming back , but im back to it now and im 100% committed , 1 week into my lifestyle changes , jogging everyday etc etc.

Be nice to have some fresh faces on my friends list for encouragement and general banter.

From the Uk 27 years , my lowest weight was 13 stone got back up to 15 stone :(.

Hope to see some people adding me up. Anyones welcome.


  • lancelyell
    lancelyell Posts: 60 Member
    It's ups and downs brother. You got this!
  • salazak59
    salazak59 Posts: 9 Member
    Happy to join the list.
  • milamariejm
    milamariejm Posts: 23 Member
    Add me if you want! That goes for anyone looking for new friends!
  • 2011rocket3touring
    2011rocket3touring Posts: 1,346 Member
    Welcome back, my motorcycle was made in the UK! (Triumph Rocket 3 Touring)
  • jillianmarie20
    jillianmarie20 Posts: 36 Member
    Good to hear you're back with a fresh mindset! I too am back again. We need lots of support! Feel free to add me :)
  • sweetvalor
    sweetvalor Posts: 24 Member
    You don't ever fail unless you quit and that my friend, is what you are NOT doing. We all have our struggles. Feel free to add me
  • TonyPillz
    TonyPillz Posts: 248 Member
    Thanks for the adds , and i added everyone here :) yay new friends lol
  • vladpatrick04
    vladpatrick04 Posts: 52 Member
    Hey! you (and everyone else lpoking for froends) can add me aswell! Great to have you back (Said the newbie hahaha)
  • spacecadetamber
    spacecadetamber Posts: 13 Member
    You can add me, too! :) I've been logging for a couple weeks and I need friends!
  • kdarnell28
    kdarnell28 Posts: 21 Member
    Sent you a request! :)
  • ellebreedlove42
    ellebreedlove42 Posts: 101 Member
    I hate that people do that! If they notice some has gone Mia they shouldn't care so much!
  • TonyPillz
    TonyPillz Posts: 248 Member
    Thanks for the support guys! :D
  • TonyPillz
    TonyPillz Posts: 248 Member
    Looking for more friends , the more the better :) Like looking at other peoples logs to
  • TonyPillz
    TonyPillz Posts: 248 Member
    Hi all again , almost at a 20 day streak , so im back on the ball! Anyone else is welcome to add me :dizzy: