Keeping focused on goals when you are under a lot of stress

I am wondering how people remain focused on their weight loss goals during stressful periods. As a working mom of 2 very active boys I feel like I am under a lot of stress all the time.It is difficult to find time for myself. When I do get some time To exercise, I am very tired and all I want to do is sit on the couch and enjoy a tv show. Need motivation from moms!!!!


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    Right now, I am working full-time at a job which is becoming increasingly busy + going to university at a grad level (slowly working toward a Master's degree). I'm in over my head with the subject matter and so I have to do a whole lot of extra study ... and I've got assignments due.

    So ... I work from 9 am -5:30 pm and study from about 7:30 pm - 2 am. I catch a bit of sleep and start again.

    Sticking to my diet during these times works really well because I don't have to give any thought to what I'm going to eat ... I just eat my usual food at the usual times. I'm so busy I'm not going out for dinner. I have no social engagements. Nothing to distract me from the diet. And because I'm so busy, I'm not sitting around thinking about food. It's actually a bit of a relief to have the whole eating thing sorted.

    As for exercise, I try to fit it into my day. I walk as part of my commute and I try to get out for a walk at lunch. After work, my husband and I usually go for a walk to the beach (although last week I was just too busy for that) ... in your case, you might chase your boys around the park for an hour or so or get on the bicycles and ride around the neighbourhood or something. That's exercise! :)
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    Organization is the key. Plan everything. Your life will be so much easier.
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    stress is the name of the game

    I currently, am working a OK job, living paycheck to paycheck making sure to be able to provide for my son, myself, and pay the rent. Currently also have a pending charge looming over my head with a court case that seems to never go through, and my uncle just had a stroke the other day. Just keeping my head up, keeping faith, looking at my son every day and having his smile remind me of why I stay on track, and overall, every day I wake up, makes me blessed to know I was able to push forward another day. And I know, no matter how tough it gets, the reward will ALWAYS be least it has shown to be true in my life lol.
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    Do you want to lose weight or gain fitness? To lose weight, strictly speaking you don't need exercise per se, just a calorific deficit. So perhaps given the circumstances, plan in exercise as a bonus but don't rely on it since it will just pressure you.
    I'm not a mum but my sister is, and she had the same problem- just too fatigued to workout after long days of work+children (even though she enjoys working out). She settled on a combination of planning 1 exercise a week no matter what, and the rest was calorie management. She felt that knowing you have that 1xworkout time just for yourself, not for the partner or child, was also a great psychological boost. Any other exercise was a bonus.
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    Very, very stressed mom here: I totally get feeling too tired to want to do anything. I've been there! What I've found, though, is that if I can manage to get my butt up and exercise, it actually gives me energy. Right now I have a knee injury that limits the exercise I can do, so I tried yoga for the first time ever. Not only is it way more of a workout than I ever knew, it is so good for my attitude and energy level! I arranged a yoga buddy to help motivate myself to go. Maybe you could try something like that? (Not necessarily yoga, whatever exercise might work for you).
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    I finally left my stressful job on my Friday to get into one that I am hoping isn't as stressful? But we will see.. I also just went back to school in January and feel like most of my time is taken up by that and work. I know in the past I've failed to plan, so that is something I will be working on this time around..
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    I find for me the best way to stick to working out when I am stressed that working out helps to relieve some of that stress and and I make it a point to make it an appointment on my calendar