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I have no support

agiggle Posts: 3 Member
Hey I'm really looking for some sort of support.. I'm looking to find someone who is willing to push me a bit and that can encourage me when my motivation is starting to fade


  • KLangleydoula
    KLangleydoula Posts: 1,494 Member
    I would love to help encourage you! Feel free to add me!
  • theswan76
    theswan76 Posts: 23 Member
    I added you. I found several friends to add through these forums. Most everyone here is helpful and encouraging.
  • 2011rocket3touring
    2011rocket3touring Posts: 1,346 Member
    Feel free to add me. I have my log open, so keep in mind my weekends are fairly scary (working on making them less so...)
  • zara_2010
    zara_2010 Posts: 8 Member
    Hi there, feel free to add me. I'm a qualified PT and Nutritional Adviser although this is not my day job. But could offer advice and support.
  • agiggle
    agiggle Posts: 3 Member
    Thank you all.. I've sent you all a friend request
  • CurlnQT
    CurlnQT Posts: 30 Member
    Feel free to add me, I'm on here everyday.