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My name is Kat Please Help

Katwin2013 Posts: 23 Member
I need motivation I have been in a fog lately I want to wake up and smell the flowers again I have gained 15 pounds back of the 130 I lost I am not very happy with myself but time to wake up and get back at it so if anybody is doing a new activity and finds it fun please share with me, a new work out video please share with me See I use to weight 296 pounds today o weigh 185 but I was down to 170 I am only 5 feet tall so want to get to 130 I need my but kicked Please only in words I am 51 I live in Seattle Love Green lake and Discovery Park Carkeek Park is cool too


  • ReadyforOctober
    ReadyforOctober Posts: 13 Member
    Hi Kat! Congrats on the weight you have lost. I too am always trying to find new activities that are enjoyable so I can stick to them, What things have you tried?
  • KLangleydoula
    KLangleydoula Posts: 1,494 Member
    Hi Kat! Would love to be friends. Feel free to add me. :)
  • crystalbarbieri3
    crystalbarbieri3 Posts: 1 Member
    Hi Kat. I got into a funk recently as well. I ended up getting a personal trainer, but found that I still felt down on myself and everyone around me. I started listening to Tony Robbins on YouTube. It's been helping my mind set. He's big on fitness too. Maybe that will help you feel better and give you some motivation.
  • marikaCL
    marikaCL Posts: 276 Member

    Feel free to add me if you like. I try to support as best I can

    As for workouts at the moment I'm mainly running but using the Zombies Run app for motivation and fun while I do it.
  • overl
    overl Posts: 3 Member
    Hi Kat, First of all well done in losing weight, you should think about how well you have done so far. Think about how you want to be in 5 years time, 10 years time. Write a list of the benefits of weighing less, every little tiny thing then read it daily. I am 62 so just over 10 years older than you and very much wish I had kept of the weight I had lost instead of still losing now. I could have enjoyed the last 10 years a lot more. Feel free to add me if you like. All the best. L
  • michellemiler
    michellemiler Posts: 16 Member
    Hi kat,
    15 lbs are not much enough to be worried in case that you have already lost 130. keep on trying to gain you desired,but I should suggest you try some herbal diet designed for weight management. I've been using beyond weight management tea along with my workout for a few weeks and found amazing results. herbal products are the best.
  • tristramtrent
    tristramtrent Posts: 257 Member
    Hi Kat, feel free to add me, I am trying fo the same kind of loss you achieved and doing ok. I am about te sameage as you too! I like bike and stationary bike while watching Youtube spin classes and documentaries, and when outside biking or walking you could try using Charity Miles app, it donates money (at no cost to you) to good causes you can choose according to the miles you clock up. I find it pretty motivating - "just one more mile....just another...."imagining the money trickling in to my good cause. On it I support Leukemia research, having just lost my dad to this disease.
  • jacq369
    jacq369 Posts: 11 Member
    Hi. I'm Jacquie (jacq369) from England and I would love to be your friend. I'm 55 and need to lose the same amount of pounds (ironic isn't it? I can't exercise much but would love to share motivation and food ideas
  • audreyanderson4
    audreyanderson4 Posts: 245 Member
    Hi Kat feel free to add me :)
  • MsDeeHawk12
    MsDeeHawk12 Posts: 52 Member
    I'm originally from Bremerton and hoping to get back there soon -- you live in the most beautiful area in the PNW. Get outside, even in the light rain, and take a walk. Enjoy the scenery and people.

    Feel free to add me. I'm always looking to increase my support circle. I'm on every day and will be happy to give you a nudge when you need it.
  • silvernail97
    silvernail97 Posts: 1 Member
    I am also from Washington! Just started my weight loss journey and the fun way I use is working out using my wii fit. Add me if you want
  • Katwin2013
    Katwin2013 Posts: 23 Member
    Thanks for all the replies I played basketball yesterday at the gym I will again today and I will swim again to