Looking for friends for mutual motivation and support :) 25/f

Hi there! I used MFP a few years ago and it was pretty successful for me! I just got done with grad school and I want to get back on track!

I love Netflix, my basset hound, mental health, reading, and other super lame things.

Hopefully we can be friends :).


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    Feel free to add me
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    Add me!!!
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    Feel free to add me!
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    You can add me too!
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    You can add me!
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    Add me! I tried to message you for an add....but for some reason I'm unable to do it :(
  • Mbm512
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    Hey I need some motivation too, anyone willing feel free to add me as well, we can help each other!
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    You can add me too if you like
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    feel free to add me if you need the motivation and support of a friend.
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    :) add me
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    Would love some new and active friends! :)
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    feel free to add me!
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    You can add me :)
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    Always looking for new friends for support and motivation. Feel free to add me!
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    You can add me also
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    Add me
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    Add me! I'll keep you accountable
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    You can add me if you like :) always good to have more motivation
  • VertBert
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    Hola - since discovering this app, I have logged 22 days straight! Definitely been helpful and have gotten good at being honest with myself. Motivated me to get a smart scale for accountability. Progress!

    Anyone - feel free to add me for mutual motivation.
  • Rabekah90
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    Also needing some motivation! I used MFP a couple of years ago but didn't really commit to it. I'm now trying to lose the weight 7 months after having my daughter. What I've been doing so far hasn't worked but since I've been honest on here im noticing a difference. It's amazing how easily everything builds up.
    I've hit a brick wall today though, craving chocolate sooo badly which isn't helped by the fact my work is to do with chocolate, and I also work in an office where it's someone's birthday every other day! There is always a birthday cake on the go! Would be good to chat with people also trying to lose the weight and resist temptation!