Veggies for people who don't like veggies



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    Do you have time to cook? You can make them interesting. For example make Korean Cauliflower where you dip the cauliflower in flour batter, fry and dip in sweet and spicy sauce after. But calories are definitely higher.

    Try using dips like hummus?

    Not so much at the moment just with the youngest only being 3 months still. I'm also challenged with having to make food for a 3 year old and my husbandtgo eat and I generally end up making something separate for myself.
    For roasting veggies, what spices are good? I've been doing the basics like onion powder, garlic, Italian seasoning and paprika but I'm getting tired of that.

    Dill on cooked carrots is straight up delicious. I like to saute chopped onion with green beans and put a little salt and Mrs dash, I roast onion and broccoli with potatoes and put cayenne or McCormick maple blend on it (I know you don't like broccoli but my mom does it with mushrooms), spinach, bell peppers, onion, grape tomatoes with feta in omelets or in an egg bake-no spices other than salt and pepper needed.
    If you are looking for different spices, go to the store, pick something you've never heard of and google what to do with it. That's my favorite game :)
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    Zucchini brownies. Done. ;) Sooo good!
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    Spaghetti squash with a veggie and meat sauce or alfredo and broccoli sauce. It is delish and can be extremely healthy and easy way to get in veggies
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    Veggie burgers! They aren't a substitute for the real thing, but they are good as their own dish. I love Trisha Yearwood's recipe for sweet potato and chick pea burgers, for example.
    Roasted is another good suggestion. Roasted green beans or Brussels sprouts with parmesan, crushed red pepper, garlic, and olive oil are where it's at!
    Omelets, pizza, mixed in with pasta....there are many good places to sneak them in! Even savory oatmeal with peas, parmesan, spinach, and mushrooms is good.
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    They say a person's tastes change every 7 years, so don't give up on veggies completely. I used to absolutely hate broccoli. I tried it in my 30's (steamed) and actually liked it. Now it is one of my favorite veggies. Still not a fan of it raw though.
    Grilled summer squash or zucchini with olive oil and season salt. Or shred either of these in to hash browns.
    Kebobs on the grill with your favorite meat and squash or zucchini, bell peppers, and mushrooms with McCormick's Grill Mates marinades - your choice.
    I am also a fan of roasting veggies with olive oil and your favorite seasonings.
    Tomatoes, spinach, avocado, and feta cheese with balsamic vinegar and basil.
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    Spaghetti squash with pesto and shrimp.
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    Try the Vegetti with zucchini. It is great with Italian spices with a red sauce over it. A sprinkle of low fat cheese and yum!

    I will cook frozen veggies in a crock pot so I don't have to watch over the stove and then add them to a canned soup. It adds body to the soup but very little calories (unless the veggies are starchy).

    I do the same with fresh onions, celery, mushrooms, and baby carrots. I will toss them into my small slow cooker ($10 at Target) and then add them to the soup before serving. If you use a food processor you can get the veggies much smaller than you would chopping by hand.
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    I did the smoothies before and they usually left me hungry. Id do frozen berries with spinach, almond milk, flax seed and oj.

    You need protein in there, try a protein powder, Greek yogurt, or peanut butter.
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    My green drinks (different than a smoothie actually) I add vanilla protein powder (I purchase on Amazon) and that curbs any cravings I ever have. Works beautifully for me and my 3 girlfriends who are doing the same now. I hate veggies before and with a slow progressive transition now love them. I'll share more about my green drinks. Need to get up and ready now.
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    This is the powder I use and recommend (no I don't receive anything for recommending this either):
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    I steam any veggie and then sauté with a little water and hidden valley ranch powder. It is DELICIOUS and only 5 calories/ 1/2 tsp.
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    Oh added: the frozen sweet potatoes that you can steam in the packets are another go-to.
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    I don't get how people do not like vegetables, especially if they are food aficionados. Do they eat meats and candies most of their life?

    I eat a lot of meat and seafood, dairy, grains, fruits, and the vegetables that I enjoy. I definitely consider myself a food aficionado - I just don't force myself to eat things that I don't like. How can people who don't eat meat consider themselves a food aficionado?

    Vegetables far surpass meats in term of textures, aroma, colors, shapes and forms. It's super great eating most of them.

    That is 100% your opinion, I happen to have the opposite opinion.

    Meats are very one dimensional and sometimes can be quite disgusting.

    I feel the same way about vegetables.

    Everything works both ways, 'I don't get' why you felt the need to judge people who eat differently than you. In other words, "I found the vegan/vegetarian."
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    A simple solution is soup. Cook everything in one pot, then puree/blend into a soup. Works all the time, especially when you add a couple potatoes.