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  • lemurcat12lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886Member Member Posts: 30,886Member Member
    For some people eating more frequently makes you less likely to overeat (I'm the opposite, though). So it's one tip that especially works for people not counting calories, like having a limited eating window or not eating after X time, and people recommend it, especially if they don't trust calorie counting (or that people will do it correctly). Unfortunately, they also often make up some silly reason for it, like that you need to do it to keep the metabolism from stopping or that the body goes into starvation mode (not a thing) after 2 hours. I think sometimes they really think it's true (it's in women's and fitness magazines all the time), sometimes they think it's a good way to convince someone to do it. Either way, awful.
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  • trollerskatestrollerskates Posts: 87Member Member Posts: 87Member Member
    I eat all my calories in a 4 hour window, and im losing weight eating maintenance
  • lemurcat12lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886Member Member Posts: 30,886Member Member
    If you are losing weight, you are eating at a deficit.
  • xCyanideGirlxxCyanideGirlx Posts: 116Member Member Posts: 116Member Member
    i dont think so. Im at 1400 cals so i eat 3 meals a day. None left over for snacking sadly but hey id rather be in pain than give up!
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