Weight Collars and Arthritis

I've been lifting for quite some time now, and feel pretty proficient in the weight room, but recently, my arthritis (RA associated with my Lupus) has been in a pretty bad flare. I know how to modify my exercise to accommodate in order to not exacerbate my symptoms and send me into full-on flare up mode, but I'm finding one issue that is kind of embarrassing for me in the weight room - the [email protected] Weight Collars.

I can load and de-load the weights no problem...but when my fingers are all wonky, those clips are near impossible for me to maneuver! I feel like a fool being able to load up heavy plates then having to ask for help with something that is probably very simple for everyone else, so I was considering purchasing my own to bring to the gym with me.

Does anyone have recommendations on ones that are easy to secure with minimal hand/finger dexterity?