Did you get fat as a kid?



  • arditarose
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    Yeah. I have been overweight since I was about 10. My mom always cooked heavy/calorie dense dinners. We had large portions and it was okay to eat seconds. I would watch my Dad eat TWO bagels with cream cheese on Saturday mornings, and it was fine if I did the same. I probably snuck some food too, I have memories of that.

    From a young age I was always ABLE and ALLOWED to eat large portions. I am literally re-learning how to eat for my smaller body because I can still easily eat so much.
  • lemurcat12
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    No, gained weight in my late 20s due to lifestyle stuff.
  • williammuney
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    I was fat till age 21 then I started rock c liming and went from 250 to 158
  • chimaerandi
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    No, I was thin my whole life, my obesity came as an overcorrection to being clinically underweight after a friend died and it threw me into a massive depression where all I did was drink and run. When I started putting myself back together, I knew I had to gain weight but I didn't go about it the best way. Now I'm at goal weight which is actually about 5 pounds under my original weight. I think the whole endeavor beginning to end was like...4 yearsish?

    So basically, I did the weight equivalent of swerving to miss a raccoon in the road ahaha.
  • daterxies
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    My parents divorced when i was about 6 - Spent most my time with my dad and with his depression he never wanted to do anything so we ate out... everyday almost. From 6 on unfortunately that created that life style for me... then when i met my wife she was doing really good and my bad habits caught up to her.. we ate out at least once a day, honestly i would eat out twice a day lunch and dinner.

    My wife since started cooking (and shes surprisingly good at it!!!) about 2-3 years ago? 3 years ago i had NASH and high blood pressure.. since she started cooking and limiting myself to go out to eat maybe once a week, with better HEALTHIER choices no longer have NASH or high BP.. Im down almost 40lbs since January when i quit drinking soda, and over the past month really started counting calories and i get to watch the scale go down :smile:
  • Zombella
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    Yes. I was always bigger. I loved comfort foods from a very young age. Even though I was very active, I was always bigger. Also, no one told me that eating way too much cheese is bad for you.
  • nvmomketo
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    No. I was in the higher end of the BMI in my late 20's but I was not overweight until my 30's.... around the time I developed insulin resistance. I was also less active then after having a few kids who were with me all day, and after a back injury and developing OA.
  • srecupid
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    My grandma was a horrible cook but my dad taught me to eat everything out of respect. Eventually I just ate everything because it was habit
  • cbeau1991
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    I first started gaining weight around 3rd-4th grade. My parents and two brothers were both normal weight, which ended up being an intensely painful experience, as I lived my life feeling like something was inherently wrong with me. I think I was heavier than the rest of my family because I was a picky eater and also extremely stubborn, and I flat-out refused to eat the stuff I didn't like. I also had some underlying mood/self-esteem stuff that my parents didn't really know how to address. I have this memory of being 9 years old and having a combined pediatrician appointment with my brother who was three years older than me. They weighed us at the same time, and I realized that I outweighed my brother. I was totally humiliated.

    Things got a lot better in high school after I joined the swim team, and I was pretty active through college, too. I started struggling again when I gained 20 pounds during my first year in graduate school because I was super stressed all the time, making quick/convenient meals that weren't necessarily healthy choices, and falling into a pattern of drinking heavily in the evenings to deal with stress. Figuring out how to cope without alcohol was a huge factor in my weight loss. I still struggle sometimes, but I'm working hard at it!
  • yusaku02
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    nope, ballooned up in my early twenties and lost it by my mid twenties.
  • chelseafxx
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    Yeah. My parents relationship really affected me and I turned into an emotional eater BAD! Now that my parents are finally divorced I'm free from that negative energy :)
  • knelson095
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    I was a fat baby (8lbs 3oz, which isn't huge but I was only 18" long, lol), chubby as a child, and by the time I graduated high school I was definitely in the obese category. I remember shopping for jeans in 4th grade and none of the girls sizes fit. I had to buy a ladies 10 petite. I think the why of it is that my parents had absolutely no idea about calories and we were a 'clean your plate' family. Mom used to eat little debbie brownies and nutty bars for breakfast and the only thing she drank was pepsi. My mom has learned a bit from me lately (and has had to cut the sugar pretty much completely due to prediabetes), but my dad still has no clue. I watched him make a peanut butter and honey sandwich while I was visiting and I just wanted to yell at him to stop. That thing had to have been 700 calories at least. And it was not even a meal for him, it was his midnight/before bed snack. It made me sad. He just has no idea and he won't listen to me.
  • Meganthedogmom
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    I was always the fat kid. Both of my parents are obese and they didn't have me involved in any type of physical activities. My mom has been a yo-yo dieter ever since I can remember and she would try to have me on diets off and on when I was young as well.
  • kmluecht
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    Yes. I feel like I was overweight at birth. My mother was also overweight when I was born. Being born in the 80s it was not unusual to be an overdue birth. At 2 weeks late, I weighed ten pounds and twelve ounces at birth. By first grade I weighed 100 pounds. By 7th grade I weighed over 250! I too wad heavier than my older siblings. Since then I have yo yo dieted between 160 and 250. I small currently 31, and in need of major lifestyle changes as I am beginning to feel changes in my health. I successfully reached my goal weight at 28, but sadly gave up maintenance and slowly have gained it back. It seems that some are naturally prone to weight gain without strict dietary and exercise regimens.
  • Colorscheme
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    Nope. I was rail thin as a kid until I went to college. Then I got thin again and then I get pregnant and while I'm technically at a healthy weight, it's right at the border between normal and overweight so I want to get down to my pre-pregnancy weight.
  • JessicaMcB
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    No I was very thin (despite thinking I was enormous because I was so much taller). I very quickly put on weight after going on hormonal BCP at about 19-20 and then progressively gained weight over three back to back pregnancies and having too much love for food. Not pretty!
  • Seffell
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    No, I gained after I decided to be a full time undergrad student once again at old age (32 :) ) and in a different country with different food culture. I gained 10lbs more when I stopped smoking last year. The later put me at the border with overweight which was my sign to get things under control.
  • Rogstar
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    I thought I was fat. I was always "chubbier" than my younger sister. Round face, baby fat.

    I developed fast too; I got to my height of 5'-7" 120lbs before my 11th birthday. Went from not wearing any bra to 34D in a couple months. But, I kept comparing myself to my sister, and other girls at school. I was wearing 9/11 (junior sizes) when they're all in the 0-3 range.

    My sis topped out @ 5'-1" and 100lbs on a good day. She's never been above 110 and is a marathon runner. So now, looking back, I was never really that heavy. I played volleyball and softball (catcher) so I wasn't fat, I had muscle and super strong legs & arms. I let my incorrect assumptions of what a woman should look like cloud my judgement. Since I felt like the fat kid, I started to get lazy, stopped all the sports and eventually became the fat woman after college.

    So, now that I've lost a little weight from my highest, I'm spending the rest of my journey getting strong while losing. Thunder-thighs will be a compliment!
  • beckygirl177
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    Yess and it was because I am the favorite little girl so everyone spoiled me like crazy and let me do whatever I wanted and they gave me whatever and still do.. but I would eat candy forever and cake and drink soda and juice..
    I would eat healthy too... but I would eat that stuff even if I were full just because I could.