New, need friends to help with motivation!

Kerys95 Posts: 2 Member
Hey, I'm getting back to this after letting myself get into bad habits, really hoping to lose a lot of weight but the right way to keep it off. Please feel free to add me, I love seeing people's journeys and I feel it will really motivate me more!


  • nydenk
    nydenk Posts: 1 Member
    Same! I need a weight loss buddy. I have been trying to control my diet and am struggling to add workouts into the mix. I try to trick myself into working out by adding "fun things" like hikes or bike rides lol. What are your weight loss goals? I am 5'7" and 142lbs and I would really like to get down to about 130lbs and really focus on gaining muscle and being healthy.
  • mymaggielove
    mymaggielove Posts: 3 Member
    I am a stress eater and right now I have a lot of stress plus high blood pressure. I need to get that down. I hope to do it with weight loss and maybe the DASH diet.
  • megomerrett
    megomerrett Posts: 442 Member
    I'm also getting back into it with my tail between my chubby legs! So feel free to add me. My diary is open.
  • 777dawne
    777dawne Posts: 27 Member
    Hi there, please feel free to add me, I walk about 8 miles a day, it would be great to have more people to share this health journey :)
  • DylsGrandma
    DylsGrandma Posts: 69 Member
    You can add me. I am a week in and losing weight. You will do great this time and we are here to encourage you!
  • aliciapastorlecha
    aliciapastorlecha Posts: 169 Member
    Hi, you can do it. Please feel free to add me!!
  • meggiearnold7170
    meggiearnold7170 Posts: 1 Member
    I am just starting out with all of this. Used to have an active job that kept me fit and now I sit at a desk and can't get myself motivated. It's hard working out alone. Hoping to find some great support in this app along the way!