Losing 75 Pounds

sandit60 Posts: 19 Member
Hi. I have decided that I want to feel better, have much more energy than I do now, and feel comfortable in my clothes. I have low thyroid so it really drains me but the doc increased my medication so that should help. So, here I am. So far, I am keeping my calorie count down to around 1,300 to 1,400 and it's working. I now need to throw in some exercise...even walking. I run around a lot in my office job but that's not really exercise. Anyone have any exercise plans that are easy for my chubby self? Thank you!


  • thegreatcanook
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    Walking is excellent exercise when you are starting out. I started walking when I weighed 332 lbs and lost 40 lbs before ramping up to more intense workouts. Feel free to add me.
  • linziicb
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    hey, i have another 50 pounds to lose after losing 35 already. I had a back operation in November and couldnt walk previous to this for over 18 months so im taking it slowly. i go swimming twice a week and have to say i feel so much better for it and its improved my back so much. i can see the change in body shape now and feel so much fitter, i used to get out of breath walking up the stairs! xx
  • sandit60
    sandit60 Posts: 19 Member
    I bought myself a pair of gym shoes at Meijer's and I have been wearing them out shopping, etc. My hip bursitis feels better and I can walk longer. My goal is just to walk 30 minutes a day and increase in a few months. Slow but sure! No race. Just want to get healthier and feel more comfortable :smiley: