It can happen!!!

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Hi everyone...After living a life "living to eat",( I'm 57), I went totally clean with food last October. This app has been a godsend to me. My main message is, if a compulsive overeater like me can master a healthy relationship with food, anyone can!!
Oct 1- 270 lbs, 44 pant, XXL shirt
May 26 184 lbs. 34 pant M shirt.


  • EleanorElla24
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    Great job!
  • queenliz99
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    Wow! Nicely done!!
  • Tatummfp
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    Right on! Thanks for the motivation.
  • Tatummfp
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    I don't know, you look like you are having way more fun in the left picture. On the beach, enjoying the sun versus dress pants on the right. Hahaha. But seriously, this is great motivation cause I started at 275 and currently at 205. Started with myfitnespal a couple months ago and it is way better than just winging it.