Scared to weigh myself

I loathe the scale and how it makes me feel. I've been weighing myself weekly for 10 years now and dread getting on the damn think but force myself to do it to keep my weight in check.

Well, it's been a month and I haven't stepped on it. I changed my workout routine to 4 aye of heavy lifting, 2 20 min hiit sessions and 2 sessions of steady state cardio for an hour. While eating at a deficit following iifym.

As I am lifting heavy, I decided not to get on the scale because if it shows an increase in weight, It puts a downer on my day, even if I look and feel stronger and firmer (which I definitely do).

Should I still weigh myself weekly? Is anyone in the same boat? I've been a much happier person since I've stopped focusing on the scale number but I know that if I step on it again and it shows an increase, I'll feel really down despite seeing improvements in the mirror. Hate how it messes with my head!


  • JaydedMiss
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    Nothing forces you to weigh yourself. How do you feel? Sounds like your feeling great about your body. Why do you need a scale to tell you your doing great? Let it go and feel great
  • Jeyradan
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    If you're looking and feeling better, why worry? If you're improving your habits, your health and your mood by doing what you're doing, I say (as a total non-expert) go for it!

    (If you really want to keep track of a number for whatever reason, why not try using measurements instead of weight? If you're gaining muscle and losing fat, you'll likely be losing inches, too.)
  • RoxieDawn
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    My first thougt was, you are weightlifting... def weigh yourself weekly.. And what about taking measurements??? and then I said.... If you are one of those that certainly do not need any progression points, or need to know by actual numbers (but in some sense know by other things (how you look and feel)) then certainly do not do it. I personally cannot.
  • Gemmi73
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    Forget the scale and follow performance and how your clothes fit. The scale lies. 2 people can weigh the same and be the same height but have different bodyfat %.
  • 85Cardinals
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    It won't bite cha! It sounds like you're really scared of yourself in a sense, not to get too deep there.
  • janjunie
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    I've been a much happier person since I've stopped focusing on the scale number but I know that if I step on it again and it shows an increase, I'll feel really down despite seeing improvements in the mirror. Hate how it messes with my head!

    Well there you go. Until you have a better relationship with the scale, don't use it. Why do something that might just bring you down anyway? Weighing yourself and seeing the numbers fluctuate is normal, but being depressed about it is not healthy. You like what you're seeing in the mirror, that's all that matters.
  • lenoresdream
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    If you're gaining muscle that could be the gain on the scale. Measure yourself.
  • stephinator92
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    Start measuring yourself and get a body fat percentage reader. If the scale makes you depressed, then screw it and don't use it. You don't owe the scale ANYTHING.
  • Christine_72
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    Don't weigh yourself if you don't want to... Or you could weigh yourself every morning, download Trendweight which will smooth out those fluctuations and tell you whether you are losing, gaining or maintaining.
    weight trend trackers take the worry and panic out of weighing yourself, at least it did for me.
  • Nikki10129
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    If you want to keep track of some numbers I'd start tracking measurements and chuck the scale out! If you're feeling the love for yourself and the scale is going to risk that don't bother.
  • arditarose
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    I don't know. If you're happy with just looking in the mirror and gauging by that, go for it. I'm currently not logging AND not weighing myself. I'm afraid to step on the scale too :(
  • halimaiqbal00
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    Thanks for the replies. I won't be touching the thing and will measure instead
  • Lounmoun
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    You weigh what you weigh no matter if you step on the scale or not. It is just information. It is not your value as a human being.
    If your goal is to be a certain weight then you should step on the scale at regular intervals to check progress. If your goal is to be a certain size take body measurements. If your goal is to improve fitness then measure your progress with lifting more, running farther, etc.
  • cbelc2
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    You don't have to weigh yourself.
  • jimmmer
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    Sounds like you have an unhealthy relationship with the scale.

    Go by different metrics: monthly comparison photos, lift performance metrics, tape measurements, etc

    There's no need to beat yourself into the ground unnecessarily - if you're making progress, celebrate the fact and keep on going...