Has having diabetes saved my life?

VivianRosser Posts: 32 Member
When diagnosed with diabetes I weighed 16 stone 3 Lbs that was 13 months ago, my current weight is 13 stone 2 Lbs. The reason I am putting these thoughts into words is I just cut my toenails with ease! 13 months ago to cut my toenails was agony I couldn't breath I cut 1 or 2 toenails then I would have to straighten up until I could get my breath it had got so bad I was thinking of paying a chiropodist to cut my nails for me, now I can cut them with ease and no need to stop. I went on a low carb high fat lifestyle and although difficult at first it is now a part of my new life. My blood sugar was 17.5 the last 7 days it has averaged 5.8 so I am delighted, I would not have lost the weight and I haven't finished yet my target is 12 stone none of this would or could have happened until I had the diagnoses. So I am so thankful to my doctor and nurses and to diabetes.co.uk, myfitnesspal, between you all I think you have given me a much better life and hopefully a longer one.


  • lynder64
    lynder64 Posts: 285 Member
    Congratulations on your success thus far! My eldest daughter is a Chiropodist here in Ontario, Canada and she is often encouraging me to achieve a healthier lifestyle so I don't wind up with Diabetes and all the complications that come with as she's seen it all. I couldn't imagine not being able to walk anymore or the loss of limbs, etc., I know I've thought on occasion to myself, what's it going to take, a serious illness before I'll buckle down and get serious about taking this excess weight off. You're story is inspiring. I wish you well on your journey!
  • Penthesilea514
    Penthesilea514 Posts: 1,189 Member
    Congratulations on all your hard work and good luck on your journey :)
  • diamondgirl50
    diamondgirl50 Posts: 71 Member
    Great job and congrats!
  • meritage4
    meritage4 Posts: 1,441 Member
    I have lost 34 lbs since my diabetes type 2 diagnosis. I was at 17 for my blood sugar-my average is now 6.4. I am on metformin
    But the difference has been my walks on most day sand my limiting calories to a reasonable amount. I have reduced but not eliminated carbs.

    My weight has gone from obese to the middle of the overweight category. I am on my way to "healthy" BMI.

    It's about 6 years since I was this small.
  • RodaRose
    RodaRose Posts: 9,562 Member
    Fantastic. Your are doing lots of things right :mrgreen:
  • StacyChrz
    StacyChrz Posts: 865 Member
    You're doing great, keep up the good work. You should be so proud of how you have taken back control of your health. Thank you for sharing your inspirational story thus far.
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