Looking for friends, positive vibes

Working on long term weight loss with busy life, looking for friends. Starting with 20 lbs down goal and then move to more, can't think big numbers right now. Trying to be positive and want to have supportive group.


  • Luckee_me
    Luckee_me Posts: 1,429 Member
    Feel free to add me.
    Good luck to you.
    You got this.
  • treesha450
    treesha450 Posts: 320 Member
    Add me as a friend. Let's inspire each other to lose weight and be healthy!
  • haleyetchart
    haleyetchart Posts: 10 Member
    Add me! I'm in the same boat, sister. 10 lbs down, 90 something more to go!
  • Skillet007
    Skillet007 Posts: 55 Member
    I'm a positive vibe kinda guy. I'd love to be a friend!
  • ajara13
    ajara13 Posts: 21 Member
    Add me. 27 pounds lost, 25 more to go!
  • 777dawne
    777dawne Posts: 27 Member
    IF I CAN DO THIS U CAN..i started at 285
    .yeah not good lost64 so gat, we can do this add me!!!
  • Atharris
    Atharris Posts: 2 Member
    Good morning! Add me please everyone. Looking for positive friends! Have a great day
  • duracell24
    duracell24 Posts: 152 Member
    Add me!! Good luck on your journey!
  • icandothis654
    icandothis654 Posts: 1 Member
    I just joined and would love some support too. Please add me if you'd like another supportive friend!!
  • BadAssAries
    BadAssAries Posts: 66 Member
    Add me!
  • chris_thomas93
    chris_thomas93 Posts: 14 Member
    Add me! I've just started and could use the support!