protein powder?

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For those who use it, what is your favorite brand and why!! Also why do you use it?


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    Favourite? - The Protein Works, naked whey 80 or 90.

    Why? - Tastes good, mixes well, it's sweetened (but not too much) with Stevia instead of Sucralose which I dislike the taste of.

    Why do I use it? - to top up or fine tune my protein to meet my protein minimum goal in a calorie and cost efficient way. Mostly use it when I'm losing weight, when maintaining my calorie goal is usually high enough to hit my goal without supplementing.
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    Quest chocolate milkshake and Quest peanut butter. I use both protein powders as a mix in for greek yogurt and cottage cheese and they tastes reeeeally good. :)
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    Magnum Quattro Vanilla

    Tastes amazing. Even mixed with just water and ice tastes like vanilla icecream. Add in a tbl of PB2 powder and it tastes like peanut butter cookies.

    Pharmaceutical grade Whey Protein Isolate with some casein for slow release. Organic Flaxseed, CLA.

    My meal plan is a 6 meals a day for 1600 total cal/per day. I use it to hit my 200g per day goal of protein intake, which if done with whole food I just can't eat that much chicken every day! Quick and easy for the mid morning and mid afternoon feedings.

    140 cal for 30g of protein it is one of the "leanest" protein powders. Leaves room for a couple frozen strawberries or the aforementioned PB2 powdered peanut butter.
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    My favourites are Quest and Optimum nutrition. The flavours actually taste like what's printed on the label :smiley:
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    I use Muscle Milk. compared to what was available at the store I thought it was the better choice of the bunch based on nutrition facts. I don't just look at the protein, but all of the nutrition as a whole. It mixes well with water and tastes descent. I use it in between my workout. After running and before weight lifting to help build muscle and prevent soreness the next day from working out.
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    Lean from Xyngular
    Taste great and only 44 calories with lots of nutrition
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    I use Nature's Bounty Optimal Solutions Complete Protein & Vitamin Shake Mix, Decadent Chocolate. No Artificial Color or Flavor, No Preservatives, No Wheat, No Yeast, No Fish and it taste really good mixed with my Almond milk, I thicken it up with some fiber powder. This is my breakfast and my lunch as I don't always have (or want ) something more complicated and time consuming to make and I don't have time to sit and eat lunch as I am usually driving to my next job. Most of the time it keeps me full, but for those days that I work harder or longer I take a piece of cheese (the real stuff) or some nuts.


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    Optimum Nutrition.

    Hydro Builder chocolate after workout
    - great amount of Macros and absorption rate post workout

    Whey and a Casein I personally blend in the afternoon
    - double chocolate and good amount of BCAAs... Also fills my belly up nicely

    Casein double chocolate before I go to bed
    - because I dont want to fast overnight - feed the
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    I use Quest protein powder when i bake or cook and when i just need to fill up my protein intake for the day i normally use perfect nutrirtion's diesel in chocolate peanut butter
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    Vega performance - I have a cow milk protein and intolerance so I try to limit dairy derived products....
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    I use both Muscle Milk Cookies and Cream and PE Science Select Snickerdoodle. In the past I've also liked Optimum Nutrition though too.

    I like the taste of both, especially the Snickerdoodle ,and the taste holds up well with only water, which is important to me. The snickerdoodle is great in recipes because of the taste and the casein/whey blend. I've never tried Muscle Milk in recipes so not sure how that is.

    A huge seller for me was the macros on the PEScience, it almost pure protein, I can't recall off the top of my head but I think it's something like 1.5F, less than a carb and 24g protein per 31g (1 scoop). So on days when I'm low on protein I can hit it without going over fat/carbs. I drink them after lifting but also use the Snickerdoodle to supplement my protein on some days where I don't get enough and for recipes (protein pancakes, etc).

    I'm still sort of looking into others as well but that's what I like for now.
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    I hear good things about PEScience
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    Tried a few but now settled on MyProtein brand. I use a Micellar Casein first thing in the morning and last thing at night and probably one, maybe two shakes during the day sending on my protein intake for the day and they are typically either whey isolate or whey concentrate. As a bonus MyProtein is the top rated protein powder brand for quality and price on Labdoor
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    nwaw1220 wrote: »
    For those who use it, what is your favorite brand and why!! Also why do you use it?

    CytoSport Muscle Milk was $0.50 per serving and ON was $0.66 per serving.
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    I have tried a few different protein powder brands (currently on PHD diet whey) but am struggling to find a vanilla flavour for shakes and cooking which doesn't have that horrible over-sweet synthetic 'artificial sweetener' taste. Has anyone else rejected these nasty sweetner tasting powders in favour of a better tasting option?