U.K. People???

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Is there any other uk people actively on here? I've made some great friends worldwide on here, but it would be nice to have people in the same time zone as me. I'm Samantha, 25 from Newcastle Upon Tyne, feel free to add me everyone xx


  • HideNGeek
    HideNGeek Posts: 136 Member
    Yep, 135 day streak at the moment, so fairly active on MFP. Feel free to add me if you like
  • SamanthaLouiseMence
    SamanthaLouiseMence Posts: 663 Member
    Request sent :) x
  • juggernort
    juggernort Posts: 7 Member
    Me too
  • brenda13green
    brenda13green Posts: 11 Member
    You can add me cause i don't know how to add ppl... I'm new to MFP..
  • natalierachelprice
    natalierachelprice Posts: 2 Member
    Hey I live in Wales, got about 150lbs to lose!! Would love some buddies! Xxx
  • tautclothing
    tautclothing Posts: 26 Member
    Yorkshire, am on here most days at work adjusting macros but have recently started popping in to these forums :)
    PTSDUK Posts: 276 Member
    Hi born in North Wales, but living in North East England. Always looking for active friends. Feel free to send me a request. Cheers Guys
  • Mr_Stabbems
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  • bear17
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    Hi Samantha! I'm from Berkshire and use this most days. I'm 25 too :) feel free to add me!x
  • HikerEd
    HikerEd Posts: 12 Member
    Belfast, Northern Ireland here.
  • DaniettaF
    DaniettaF Posts: 212 Member
    Hi, I'm from Leicester, you can add me too :)
  • sueelaineparker
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    Hi I'm 22 and from Kent :) looking to gain weight :)
  • SamanthaLouiseMence
    SamanthaLouiseMence Posts: 663 Member
    Requests sent guys
  • laura8885
    laura8885 Posts: 13 Member
    Feel free to add me! I'm also from the UK! lost over 1 stone so far.
  • annieheron291
    annieheron291 Posts: 2 Member
    Add me :)
  • SimonCypher
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    I'm originally from London, but living up in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne now. Currently on a 606 log in streak, have an open diary and engage as much as I can with others. I'll try and support whoever I can so feel free to send a FR.
  • Lioness_007
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    Hey I'm new here too from Leeds. :)
  • Satah1502
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    Also new...based in London :)
  • SamanthaLouiseMence
    SamanthaLouiseMence Posts: 663 Member
    Requests sent x
  • HuskyGent
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    UK here too. Relatively new here but on every day and keep an open diary.
    Feel free to add me (that goes for all).