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    I have so many bad date stories it's pitiful. The one that still hurts the most, chatted with someone for a few weeks before meeting. We hit it off great talking, but went to meet him, entirety different story. We exchanged pictures, in addition to those shown on the site. He knew I was a work in progress. We agreed to meet at the picnic tables at local park amd I would pack a picnic lunch. He messaged me saying he had to run and get something, but left me a note on the table. Got to the table and it was was a legal size paper that said... if you think I would be seen with a cow, you have another thing coming. I was humiliated and felt everyone around was watching.

    I always seem to find the guys who have issues with my weight. The meeting can go great, but at the end, they say they are worried dating someone that lost a lot of weight will regain and they didn't want that to happen if they got attached. Had a few tell me loose another 20 lbs and give me a call.

    Im sorry, effing morons.
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    He showed up about 15 minutes late, we sat down at the restaurant and the waiter came by to take our drink order. I just ordered a water, but then I started wondering if I might like an iced tea as well. I questioned this, unable to make up my mind, as the waiter walked away. Finally the waiter was too far away that I had to accept my water-only decision, and I turned to my date.

    Who then stood up and yelled loudly enough for the entire place to hear: "IF YOU'RE JUST GOING TO STARE AT THE WAITER'S *kitten* ALL NIGHT, CLEARLY I DON'T NEED TO BE HERE!"

    And he left.

    Good thing I only got the water.

    EDIT: If the waiter had a kitten, I totes would have stared at that all night.

    Lol! Hysterical!
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    This is heartbreaking! You should have been like i might be fat and I am fixing that you cannot fix your ugly face.
    I am so petty lol [/quote]

    The line I've used: I may be fat but your ugly, I can change, you can't
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    The horror of these dates
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    I went on a date with this guy. He looked good.. a bit to thin for my taste but he was fit.
    So we're at a restaurant having early dinner and he starts to talk about some game.. I got a bit confused so I asked him what game, turns out he was really into video games.
    As we keep talking he starts to give me tips on how to improve my glutes and work my legs. He thought I was focusing to much on upper body strength for a girl and needed to focus more on my bum, like other girls. I got a bit frustrated at that but I let it slide.
    So we keep talking and the conversation takes a turn to the bad when he admits to hate dogs and how nasty he thought they are. Now that I could not let go of..

    So after he mentioned that he hated dogs I told him I had 3 and I couldn't help it if I had more testosterone then he did and my lats were bigger then his so me and my saggy bum were going to the gym to do some bench work outs.

    Not as horrible as some of you guys but it's my only and worst date :P Don't think I'll go on another.
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    Background: I was living with my mom, who was (and is) an out-of-the-closet lesbian, for a semester in college. I went on a date with a male coworker, with whom I'd had enough conversations to discuss why my parents divorced, and when he met my mom, he asked her if she missed penetration.

    This is awesome! Wow, I can't believe some of these stories. Where are most of you finding these people? My worst first date, the girl just didn't show up or even call. It was OK, I just got a drink and got the number of the woman sitting next to me at the bar. I saw it as a win/win. Second worst first date was actually with my ex, and I should have listened to that red flag and moved on right then. We met at Hooters because she wanted to get some wings there. We sat at the bar, ate and had a few beers. We decide to call it a night and before we get up to leave, she says to me, "If you want to continue to date me, you have to get rid of that belly." I was heavier then, not huge and not with a big gut, just a little pudge around the middle because I was doing a bulk at the time. Some years later, I asked her what kind of self-absorbed rude person says that kind of thing, she just said, "Well, you lost the extra weight didn't you." She was a winner of the greatest magnitude.
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    Wasn't the first date but it was one of the early "official" dates my bf and I had usually we'd just go visit each other. My mom moved in with me after a split with her husband.....he lived with his parents still he was in the military...I didn't have a problem with that...he didnt have a car yet..ok I excused that too since he was young still. (24) Was a huge fan of need for speed the game so when a movie of the same name came out I was excited. (names have been changed) My bf John was like oh Jack is coming too (im like wtf but I said ok) So instead of a solo date his 21 yr old brother would be tagging along...bad right?! nope it gets worse...So I arrive at the house to pick up John and Jack....so Lauren (their mother) is standing outside clutching a sweater. Guess what Lauren is going too.....*kitten* really dude?! I was heated the entire night. To make it so bad even though we came together we didnt have to sit together...Jack and Lauren sat right next to us... and like in the first 5 minutes of the movie someone drops the F bomb....so his mom is like," oh I don't like this movie." who asked you to come anyway?! lmao needless to say we no longer date :D
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    Went to a party (that we were both invited to) with a guy I'd been talking to for a while. He seemed like a great guy. We meet there, one of the first things out of his mouth was "So you gonna give me some or what?" Wtf was all I could think. Who says that???
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    PamelaW41 wrote: »
    Went to a party (that we were both invited to) with a guy I'd been talking to for a while. He seemed like a great guy. We meet there, one of the first things out of his mouth was "So you gonna give me some or what?" Wtf was all I could think. Who says that???
    Well did you give him some? Preferable some foot to nuts?
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    PamelaW41 wrote: »
    Went to a party (that we were both invited to) with a guy I'd been talking to for a while. He seemed like a great guy. We meet there, one of the first things out of his mouth was "So you gonna give me some or what?" Wtf was all I could think. Who says that???
    Well did you give him some? Preferable some foot to nuts?

    Lol, should have went with option B. I just rolled my eyes and said okay you're done talking now, just stand there and look pretty.
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    had some boring dates but they all end well (bar the Jason statham movie)
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    Some of these make me sad. Why is the world full of twatwaffles?
    Anyway, mine is from years ago. I had just become single and started online dating and was flirting with this guy. He seemed really together and was very good looking so I agreed to meet him for coffee after work on a Friday night.
    As soon as I met him I wanted to get out of the coffee shop. He was good looking but there was something 'off' about him. He spoke like a robot and couldn't stop shaking. He admitted to me he was a recovering alcoholic and was living with his parents after 'some trouble with the law'. I drank my coffee fast and got out of there.
    When I got to work on Monday there were a ton of messages from him through the dating site to my work email. They started off nice 'I think we have a future', 'we must do it again' then got progressively weirder and more aggressive as the weekend went on. I think the last one was Sunday night and it said 'who the eff do you think you are to blow me off? How can you treat me this way. I hope you step infront of a bus'. There was a lot worse stuff than that. Needless to say I deleted my profile from that website and never went on another online date again until years later when I met my current husband. So it worked out the second time!
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    My friend tried to set me up on a date with her friend. We did the whole 'double date thing'. He was a nice guy, but when we went to a bar he comes and automatically brings me a long island iced tea... only one thing on that mans mind. My friend ended up drinking it, and then on the way home he kept trying to stick his hand in my pants.

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    It was'nt really a worst first day but i met a girl, we had a couple of drinks then agreed to get together that friday afternoon and have another or 2 then go to her house for dinner. We get in and we went upstairs because she wanted to show me a music collection she had, one thing leads to another we get busy and her mum walks in while i'm going up and down like a jack hammer. i didnt know she lived with her parents..... a while later we ended up eating dinner with her mum and dad.... it was awkward, really awkward.

    Lmao I spit out my drink laughing at this...poor thing.