Body fat percentage, abs

My obliques are finally starting to show, but my abs are nowhere in sight. I am 5'5 135-138lbs. What body fat percentage age do you think Im at? What percentage will need to be at to have visible abs? If I lose 15-20 lbs will my abs be visible? I have a strong workout routine that is well rounded including running, lifting heavy weights, plyometrics, and rock climbing.

Thank you for the opinions and advice!



  • devil_in_a_blue_dress
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    You probably don't need to drop that much weight. You look like an ideal candidate for recomp.

    What does your listing routine look like?
  • Rawr619
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    I lift something different everyday, including dead lifts, hang cleans, bench press, squats, military press, etc.
  • terbusha
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    I don't think you have 15 lbs to lose. Abs are super tough to get to come out defined. Keep on working hard with all your weight training and HIIT sessions for cardio. Just give it time on a SLOW weight loss. If you're in the ~0.5-1 lb/week range, I think that'd be great for you. Are you tracking your calories and macros consistently?
    Here, you'll like this video about getting rid of stubborn body fat.
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    Peoples body types are different. Body type and where your body stores fat is key for measuring body fat percentage. Kind of hard to guess-timate from a picture. Have you ever gotten a pinch test?
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    Women usually start to have pretty visible abs at 15-16% body fat. Just guessing off the 2 pictures I'd say you're maybe 22%?
  • Rawr619
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    I track my calories, use a food scale, etc. I have not focused on macros at all, I will have to look into doing that. I have not gotten a pinch test, I think I am going to get a bid pod test soon to see where I'm at.
  • VisofSer
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    People vary. I suggest having a look at this article which goes into the issue and gives examples of how the number, whether 22, 15, or 9, does not means abs happen at that point:

    Judging from the pictures you are lean enough to get accurate results with calipers. After the bio bod test, get a decent pair and learn to use them on yourself, then find out which of the formulas gives you the closest results to the bio pod. That way you can get some reliable testing at home.
  • trigden1991
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    Everybody is different! Therefore if sometells you that you'll have abs at 16% and you get measured at 16% but don't have abs, who is wrong? Just go by how you look in the mirror. Keep in a caloric deficit until you are as lean as you want to be and then recomp/bulk to add muscle.
  • LivingtheLeanDream
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    You don't need to drop more weight, you have a fabulous shape now imo - well done on your success :smile:
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    You are probably around 25% body fat. Getting down to 15% would get you very visible abs
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    Getting to a lower bf% is the only surefire way to make them visible however, the more defined the abdominal muscles are they can show at a higher bf% if they are developed enough. You're nearly on the cusp on the bf% range so you can do a combination of dropping a little more bf% and do some abdominal defining work.

    As always make sure diet is in check. Every day do 2-3 min of planks, kettlebell swings, deadbugs with good form. (this is good for strengthening lower back and for better posture). Do some sprints.

    Deadlifts, front squats and squats are also good at strengthening the core.