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Interesting way that people excuse their overweight / obesity

DrEnalg Posts: 650 Member
I'm kind of interested in the way people explain their behavior. One example is pertinent to weight loss / diet. I was having a debate with my girlfriend about this, who was arguing what basically sounded like the set-point theory to me. The argument went something like this:

Me: "I think anyone can lose weight, it's just a matter of CICO."

Her: "Except that people's bodies naturally have a certain preference for a certain weight. You can force your body down to a particular weight, but then your body will want to go back to the weight it was at."

Anyone notice anything strange about this kind of use of language? As if "you" are separate from "your body." How can a "body" want something (like, a preferred weight range) without a person controlling it? Isn't this a strange use of language, like we're somehow divorced from our bodies?

Anyways, just a philosophical point really.


  • lemurcat12
    lemurcat12 Posts: 30,886 Member
    Arguing against the ghost in the machine?

    Philosophical issues aside, IMO of course our bodies are us, but it's really common and understandable to perceive desires that we don't have conscious control over as "the body" vs. "the mind." In reality for many it's basically a figurative way of talking in that most people will likely acknowledge that their body is them (and that their mind is determined by the physical as well).

    That's separate from set point theory, which I don't buy.
  • ruzz3ii
    ruzz3ii Posts: 2 Member
    CICO -- simple solution to a complex problem. Getting metabolism burning is more important than simply cutting calories. Otherwise, I agree that people like to make excuses.