Looking for 40's support group



  • kcpond
    kcpond Posts: 602 Member
    I am 47, working on losing another 20-30 lbs. Anyone can add me if they wish.
  • BelgianGnome
    BelgianGnome Posts: 1 Member
    44 here! Hit me up, i can use some motivation as well!
  • southerman46
    southerman46 Posts: 828 Member
    46 but soon to be 47. I am pretty active so add me if you would like.
  • kellyw0624
    kellyw0624 Posts: 18 Member
    46 for a couple more weeks - been here a week. Have 40 lbs to lose. Add me if you'd like. : )
  • acnoyes
    acnoyes Posts: 151 Member
    I just turned 49 and am happy to be part of your support system. :)
  • nickylee76
    nickylee76 Posts: 629 Member
    Just turned 40 this year. Would love more friends in my age group.
  • gio0323
    gio0323 Posts: 294 Member
    47 here
  • nickkreitzer
    nickkreitzer Posts: 45 Member
    42 here brotha. Add me and we can help each other. There is nothing better than helping people . This goes for everyone here as well. Sounds like we have alot of fellow 40+ fitness fanatics or people looking to make changes or just maintain.
  • JasonRainboze
    JasonRainboze Posts: 168 Member
    Wow lots of people.... well count me in:)
  • lcu1974
    lcu1974 Posts: 26 Member
    Me too :wink:
  • lumberjill84
    lumberjill84 Posts: 6 Member
    46 . Empty nester and ready to take care of myself and take charge of my body! Feel free to add me.
  • Sigma28
    Sigma28 Posts: 83 Member
    Count me in as well! Feel free to add me in! I'm a 45 yo female with 20-30 pounds left to lose. (Unsure of my goal weight b/c I'm lifting weights. I'll be going by %bf or appearance at that point.)
  • nickkreitzer
    nickkreitzer Posts: 45 Member
    Hey guys, I just created a group for all of us over 40. Please go to groups and look for 40s+ support group and join and lets see how much we can help and support one another. Thanks and I wish everyone the best with your goals
  • sparklyglitterbomb
    sparklyglitterbomb Posts: 458 Member
    a few days shy of 46 here :)
  • libertygurl
    libertygurl Posts: 37 Member
    Hello , I'm looking for supportive friends, I'm close to goal and focused on maintaining for good this time... Feel free to add me!
  • Arch799
    Arch799 Posts: 106 Member
    feel free to add
  • Rob_C4S
    Rob_C4S Posts: 49 Member
    Ditto! You guys look good.
  • michellesz
    michellesz Posts: 427 Member
    edited June 2016
    45. On almost 4 years with diary always open. Over 80 lbs lost. Would be happy to support.
  • LiveFitMomma
    LiveFitMomma Posts: 7 Member
    I'm working on my 40th Birthday Body... turning 40 in July! Have 2 kids.. workout daily.. need support too!! How do you friend request!>> ?? Add me too!
  • dianesc67
    dianesc67 Posts: 32 Member
    Just turned 49...Mfp is by far the best tool I have ever used to obtain successful weight loss ..Love it...Would welcome more Committed buddies...I have 80lbs to go...so I am not going anywhere! Di