Hi! You all inspire me :)

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I'm Mark, a 26 year old final-year PhD student, and I've been using MFP for a few weeks now. I love it - and it's almost a hobby now to monitor calorie intake and achieve my daily goals! I've recently also bought a Fitbit Charge HR which I'm using alongside MFP and they work great together. Using MFP to track all food and drink intake and Fitbit for exercise and calorie burning. I do use MFP for logging weight training as it doesn't seem to affect calorie goal and I find its just easier to refer to MFP for remembering weights etc.

Anyway, I'm new and just wanted to say I've really enjoyed reading the forums and seeing how enthusiastic everybody is. The community spirit is great and really encouraging! I'm looking forward to progressing through our fitness journeys together :) feel free to add me, chat, and share your inspirational stories!