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I feel I'm losing my way

Ali45 Posts: 13 Member
Iv stopped eating meat, and enjoying new recipes hoping this will help keep me going in a change of life style, but feel like I'm doing it alone, my husband happy with the new food, but I'm losing interest in cooking. I have no friends or family near me since I had to move, I feel I'm trapped in a bubble and wondering why I'm bothering, but know i have to lose the weight for health reasons, I don't want to be in a wheelchair, and turn into a more lonely person and not be able to do nothing. Just feel like crying today from pain and no motervation.


  • ScotsLass78
    ScotsLass78 Posts: 248 Member
    I am sorry to hear you're having such a tough time at the moment. I moved away from all my friends and family about 15 years ago, and the loneliness was crippling at times so I know how you're feeling. Motivation is such a hard thing to get back once you've lost it, but you can do it.

    Could you maybe mix up what you're cooking, like getting some new recipes that you've not tried before? I go through stages where I don't want to cook, and it's often because I've been cooking the same meals over and over, so changing things often helps.

    Loneliness is harder to fix, but are there any local groups you could join? Or take up a new hobby?

    I am usually here everyday, so please feel free to add me as a friend for some support. All we can do is take one day at a time, but I've found sticking at it much easier with online friends through MFP.

  • RosemaryBronte
    RosemaryBronte Posts: 103 Member
    You're going through such a difficult patch but I can hear that you are committed to your health so that is good. Can you find a women's group to join to give you some friendship and support? Don't feel bad about your weight. So many of us are in the same situation. I think there are probably some people out there who would be so grateful to meet you. Having some friends will help. I hope you will soon feel way happier and will enjoy trying new healthy recipes. Remember that even if you only do a little exercise, your body will benefit from that while you are building up strength and confidence. I'm wishing health and happiness for you.
  • ftwmc
    ftwmc Posts: 47 Member
    I find that walking and talk to people as you walk helps me. I find walking same place, same time every day you get to see the sane people. A little hello turns into hows your day then a conversation. I akso do coffee at the shops same time everyday then start chatting. Amazibg where it can go. Best of luck, add mw if yoyr looking for an Aussie friend
  • Ali45
    Ali45 Posts: 13 Member
    Thankyou all for your kind words.