Women doing Stronglifts 5x5

I really want to start doing Stronglifts 5x5 but am feeling a little intimidated. Especially by the recommended starting weights.
Looking for advice from women who have started out. I'd like to know how you started and any other tips you have!


  • sammyliftsandeats
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    I am currently my fifth week into Stronglifts 5x5. Before that, I was doing splits and I have to say, I like Stronglifts much better.

    If you can't lift the bar - then see if your gym has fixed weight barbells and start there. The app allows you to change the weights.

    Start slow - and work your way up. Watch the videos provided on the app and website. Read a lot.

    You have every right to be lifting than anyone else.

    Here is a group of women doing Stronglifts that you can join to ask questions and for accountability: http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/group/4601-stronglifts-5x5-for-women
  • ndj1979
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    not sure why this is a woman only question ... I did not think stronglifts was gender specific..

    if you can't start doing the movements with just the bar, then you need to work with lighter dumbbells until you build up a base of strength that allows you to do the barbell movements.

    I would also suggest looking at videos to learn proper form, and google the movements...you can also get a few sessions with a PT to get your form down...
  • TrailNurse
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    Start with the bar and add small amounts of weight as you go. No tips really....just start now!
  • SonyaCele
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    you can start with any weight bar, even a piece of pvc pipe just to get the movements down.
  • ObsidianMist
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    I started with 15lb fixed weight bars and had a session with a personal trainer to teach me proper form for everything and then slowly worked my way up to using the olympic bar. I'm less than 3 months in and deadlifting my own body weight. it worked for me. definitely don't feel like you have to rush into lifting 45lbs right off the bat.
  • Stella014
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    I am on week 3 and was very imtimidated / scared too. I found a personal trainer. He started me on some general strength exercises for 2-3 weeks which I repeated a few more times a week on my own in the gym and he learned me proper from for squats but not the strong lifts program to begin with. He didn't want to put a 20kg or even 15kg bar on my back before I had proper form. Last week he got me doing the SL squat, OHP and deadlift. I feel so much more confident! I now walk into he heavy lifts area of my gym without fear, still a bit sheepish but not scared ;-)
    They have a 7kg barbell in my gym so I use that for the bench and OHP and the 20kg bar for the rest but I did start with dumbells to build some strength. So if you can, get a personal trainer and once you feel more confident it will be much easier and much less intimidating. I don't understand how people with no lifting experience can just start the SL program.