Weigh in

Curious how often everyone weighs in. Once a week? Or every day?


  • MaGrl523
    MaGrl523 Posts: 101 Member
    Usually once a week when I remember.
  • thiosulfate
    thiosulfate Posts: 262 Member
    Everyday, but I always expect weight fluctuations
  • bmayes2014
    bmayes2014 Posts: 232 Member
    officially - every Friday morning but I jump on the scale pretty much daily unless it's that time of the month (I don't need the emotional roller coaster). I am fine with knowing that when I get on the scale daily, my weight may be up. If you weigh daily that comes with the territory.
  • Chef_Barbell
    Chef_Barbell Posts: 6,647 Member
    Once a month or so.
  • revolucia78
    revolucia78 Posts: 196 Member
    Everyday, but I always expect weight fluctuations

    Same. I have a Wi-fi scale that automatically syncs to Happy Scale app and MFP. I anticipate the fluctuations and it helps me pay more attention and stay consistent.
  • llbrixon
    llbrixon Posts: 964 Member
    Daily. I expect ups and downs. I like to learn which foods will cause a water weight gain and how long it takes to lose it.
  • snowflake930
    snowflake930 Posts: 2,188 Member
    Every day for over 4 years. 2-1/2 years on maintenance.
  • samwiserabbit
    samwiserabbit Posts: 153 Member
    Every day, and I use an online app that charts the trend. I highly recommend it. I used to only weigh weekly, but it was really frustrating because sometimes those little snapshots told the wrong story.
  • besaro
    besaro Posts: 1,859 Member
    i weigh myself every day. when i was actively losing i "officially" logged only loses once a week.
  • k_nelson_24
    k_nelson_24 Posts: 251 Member
    Every Saturday morning!
  • SCoil123
    SCoil123 Posts: 2,108 Member
    I record my weight every 30 days but sometimes I check it in between
  • sadsongkrysy
    sadsongkrysy Posts: 65 Member
    I check everyday, just because it drives me insane not to. I tell myself to only do it on Fridays but no, can't stop the urge to hop on the scale. I also step on and off of it 5 times to make sure it's accurate. Smh I wouldn't do that if I were you lol
  • spiritbrat
    spiritbrat Posts: 80 Member
    Thanks all! I do daily myself. I know many don't recommend but for me it keeps me on track. I was curious if I was the only one.
  • jayele72
    jayele72 Posts: 51 Member
    Like others have said... daily for me via withings WiFi scale. Not only do I expect fluctuations, I can fairly accurately predict them based on food quality, exercise and sleep. For me a fun observation was that calorie count is not a fluctuation driver for me. Eating processed food is!
  • PhatLass72
    PhatLass72 Posts: 42 Member
    I don't own a set of scales as I think I'd be too caught up in how I'm doing every day. Instead I go to my local Boots store on a Sunday morning and weigh in on their scales, getting a print out. Somehow, I feel more accountable when it's printed in black and white!
  • dalefromwisconsin
    dalefromwisconsin Posts: 18 Member
    every morning for me.
  • LuanaBean
    LuanaBean Posts: 50 Member
    twice a month for me