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Weight vs measurements

thatlittlebitthatlittlebit Member Posts: 46 Member Member Posts: 46 Member
I know it's often cited on here how measurements Are just as important as weight and often people at the same weight and height wear totally different clothes sizes. would anybody be up sharing their weight height and measurements?
I can start it off:

Height : 5' 2
Weight : 133
Hip / waist / bust : 34 / 27 / 36.
Clothes size : bottoms UK 6 tops UK 8/10


  • robininflrobininfl Member Posts: 1,137 Member Member Posts: 1,137 Member
    Sure. At 5'9" and 136lb I am, bust/waist/hip 35-29-37. 21" thighs, 20-22% bodyfat.

    This up from my skinny time - bulked over a couple of years from slightly underweight 123lb, that was 34-28-35 with 18" thighs so most of the muscle size gained (and fat) went to the legs and butt. Arms are a little bigger now too. The bust increase is lats not boobs.

    I *think* that my weight is generally low for how big I am, I have light bones.
  • AnnPT77AnnPT77 Member, Premium Posts: 21,945 Member Member, Premium Posts: 21,945 Member
    You might want to check out this thread: What is Your Ht/Wt & Size Clothing?

    18 pages of posts on exactly this topic.
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