I had no idea how much weight I gained!

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As many of us have experienced, we see a picture of ourselves that sends a jolt to our very core. The moment you say to yourself, "What the hell happened to me?!". Last December I finally had the wake up call but it should have happened a long time ago. I was just too stubborn to believe I let myself get so heavy.

A few years ago I started to experience pain in my heart and it really scared me how frequently it would occur. It felt like it was being pinched. Went to a couple of different of doctors but none of them could find a problem. Then had a full physical and blood work done. The results were terrible. They said my triglycerides were very high, cholesterol level was very bad and that I was bordering on having prediabetes. Still did not take action. Why? Stubbornness. This was 2010.

Thankfully a really good friend of mine started going to the gym again. He would text me from time to time letting me how great it was to be working out and encouraged me I should do the same. It took a couple of months but I finally acknowledged the sorry state of my health. I realized my kids never knew the real me and I could die from poor health which would leave them without their father.

So December 14th 2015 I signed up with a gym near my house. I did not weigh myself before starting because I did not want to know how bad it was. All I know it was a least 220 lbs because that is how much I weighed at some point in 2015. Looking back at a couple of pictures and it was likely higher than that.

Six months into this journey and have to say that I am really enjoying the process. Love being back in the gym. Love pushing myself. Love researching new ways to eat and workout. It can be be difficult remaining patient but I remind myself why I am doing this, which is for my kids and my health. I still have a long way to go before reaching my goal weight of 155 - 160 lbs. Looking at these pictures makes me appreciate the progress that has been made and encourages me to keep it going :)

Taken August 2015



Where I am today





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