Reasons to loose weight

I want to hear everyone lovely reasons to loose weight I've had a rocky week and I've been thinking to myself O need go find my reasons again to give me the kick I needed I decided to loose sexy in fancy underwear and be a sexy wife rather then just a mother to our children It would be interesting to hear everyone's reasons as we all all individual :)


  • RosieRose7673
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    I gained weight pretty quickly in the past and as a result, could really feel the weight slowing me down. It was a strange feeling to me.

    I started losing weight partly because of that feeling. I began lifting at the same time. Now I'm back down to my normal weight and it feels like I can move freely. It's hard to explain I guess! It's like my legs don't weigh me down anymore and my arms don't chaff from simply moving them when walking.
  • hpearce123
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    Aww these are great! So girl your stunning so the first dates must be blind! Rosierosie I hear you on the chafing my thighs do that
  • hpearce123
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    Emma I'm totally with you you do feel more attractive when you loose and the energy being better it totally does I was on shakes and a meal and I've been off the shakes for 3 days gained 3 pounds my stomach is swollen and I feel puffy and tired again the food was not worth it
  • torsab
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    Be healthier / feel more confident in my own skin
    Make the 90% of my closet fit again (including my 'dressy' work clothes that I'm going to be needing soon) and get rid of my "bigger" clothes FOR GOOD!
    Run 5K's and improve times as I go
  • hpearce123
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    Welldone torsab you have great drive and sound very athletic good for you
  • jammer1963
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    sfgirl38 wrote: »
    besides looking better, just to feel more confident about my body in general. Oh, and to not get rejected so often when I go on a first date. LOL

    Aww.. who do I have to pummel for you??? :)
  • Godsgirl42
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    I want to lose weight so I'll breathe easier and live longer for my husband and son.
  • jammer1963
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    I am doing it for myself. :)
  • ccrdragon
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    Health reasons (was pre-diabetic), see my daughter grow up (and be active with her), see my grand kids grow up also.
  • csuhar
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    Health reasons. Specifically, I was surprised by tumor that grew remarkably quickly (I think the term "explosive growth" was used once or twice). By being pretty healthy when that happened, I was able to endure the fight better.

    So I try to keep my weight in check in order to improve my odds in case life has any other surprises in store for me.
  • bagge72
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    Because it's too tight!

    or because even though I'm overweight, and my doctor says I'm perfectly healthy I know that won't last being overweight, whether it be from joints giving out or something worse. That is one of my pet peeves from my fellow overweight people who think that because their blood work, and cholesterol are good that the extra weight isn't going to eventually affect them.
  • VincyT1
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    I used to think I'm doing this for my family, but I realize I have to be at my best for me, so I can be my best for my family. So my reason for wanting to loose weight is to be healthy for "ME" because I'm worth it.
  • CattOfTheGarage
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    My joints. They hurt if I weigh more than 12 stone, and having pronated feet means my knees and hips suffer from walking anyway - the extra weight is just piling on the stress, and yet I love walking and want to be doing it into my old age. I've injured my knee and the frustration of having limited mobility while it recovers just makes me more determined to lose this weight and make the most of every step.

    Plus I have nice clothes that don't fit me and I want to wear them again.
  • Lounmoun
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    Health, comfort/quality of life, better sleep, clothes fitting better/easier to buy clothes.