Finally in onederland!!! 199 lbs this morning!

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Hey everyone! :)

So I've hit my first major "mental milestone" today. I have lost about 61 lbs and weighed in at 199 lbs this morning. I think the last time I saw this number on the scale it was 6 or 7 years ago.

There's something so crazy about being 100-something lbs instead of 200-something lbs. To be perfectly honest, being 260 lbs was no different to me from 213, 227, or 243 lbs. They all started with a "2" and all of it was big. I'm still big with a ways to go, but I'm well on my way!

I remember reading somewhere that someone had described that hitting 199 lbs symbolized a return to normalcy. Now I'm not sure what "normal" is, but I have to agree with that feeling. I have 20 lbs to go before I am no longer considered "obese" going by BMI (my next major "mental milestone"), which is kind of daunting to think about, but I'm starting to feel just the tiniest bit more confident.

I also remember reading somewhere on MFP once, someone had mentioned it was funny that as we're gaining weight, we feel horrible and gigantic at a certain weight, but as we are losing weight we feel like a million bucks at the same weight. More psychology for you! I'm sure when I first hit 199 lbs I felt self-conscious, but now I'm like "this isn't so bad! It's SO much better than where I was!"

Just a few months ago being in the 100s was just a pipe dream. When I started getting into the 200s, another 10 lbs was just another 10 lbs and I think that's why it was so easy to just gain exponentially. I still could fit in most of the same clothes between 225-260 lbs (although they did fit differently) and my shape was pretty much the same. It's only lately that I've been able to be like "oh yeah, I definitely look different now". For one thing I actually have a waist again ;)

It's been an emotional roller coaster and I don't plan on getting off yet! Sometimes I think about me at my biggest weight and I feel sad- I love that girl and I do kind of miss her. She went through a LOT. She worked really hard. I have to remind myself sometimes that she's still me.

So for those of you who have a ways to go- keep it up!!! It WILL happen, but patience is key! Love yourself right NOW! You're an incredible person at every weight, and I truly believe that loving yourself is a key component of weight loss.

For those of you already there- how did it feel when YOU made it to onederland? If it was quite some time ago, how do you feel now? What were your major "mental milestones"?


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    Congratulations, great achievement ;)
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    Omg! I am soo happy for you!!!! :)

    Seriously the day I saw a one vesus a two in front of my weight digits was more emotionally exciting and profound than my ticker flipping over to "100" pounds lost!!!!

    I kid you not. That is how powerful that is for us.
    I read your post and word for word: I get you. Same, same as me.

    An interesting note when I hit wonderland was I had high levels of anxiety over: "will I stay there?" Was the scale messing with me? Will i bounce back up 4 pounds for 4 weeks and finally go down to stay at that weight for a minute??!! It was very emotional for me. Very scary I could lose this wonderful gift I hadn't seen in 15 yrs.
    After I allowed myself to have all the crazy what if thoughts.. Keeping the one there became my focus. Honestly I forgot about the other digits. I increased my exercise a scooch and that helped enough to get me through the behavioral nonsense I fall into (anxiety can turn into fear or sadness, which can turn into getting my food fixes here and there which turns into a 5pound gain etc etc).
    Celebrate your swagger!!! It is a joyous joyous time for you!!

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    Absolutely outstanding keep it up.
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    Great work! I know how you feel as Iv gone to onederland just in kilos, I haven't weighed less than 100 for at least 6-7 years now and as of yesterday I no longer see triple digits and I'm down to 99.8 from 108 kg SW. I can sing!
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    what an awesome post.......very inspiring, thanks for sharing!!!! ps, kick *kitten* till your at goal!!!
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    Outstanding! Keep up the hard work!!