Anxious about summer weight loss

Hi friends,

I've been tracking off and on with MyFitnessPal for a couple of years now and have had some success. I'm feeling a little frustrated at the moment with my weight loss goals. It's the summer time and so gorgeous out and I have been quite active but the ice creams, drinks on a patio and dinners out with friends are all starting and I'm struggling with keeping focused on my weight loss. In essence, I do well tracking for a few days and then there's a dinner out, drinks the next night and maybe a family get-together on the weekend, and I feel like I just can't 'budget' or 'keep to my tracking' on these days. I'm wondering if anyone had any words of advice or strategies about keeping calories 'in check' and managable at this time of the year.




  • arditarose
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    I try to bank calories but often it's not even enough for BBQs not to wipe my deficit out. But you can TRY. Carefully logging/weighing food during the week, and allowing yourself a high day or two that still puts you in a weekly deficit. You still have to be very mindful when you're out though. Cutting back on the alcohol has helped me too. I can go out and not drink now...feels great the next morning :)
  • thiosulfate
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    You have a few options.

    - You can fast/eat lightly on days you know you will be going out.
    - Order something light. Like a salad with non-creamy dressing or dressing on the side.
    - Only eat about half of your plate if you order something heavy. Restaurants give very large servings in the US.
    - You don't have drink alcohol. You can just drink water. Or just order 1 drink.
  • ponybrown
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    Thank you, arditarose and thiosulfate. I'm going to try a few of your strategies. Either doing no alcohol or limited alcohol will be helpful and trying to choose 'lighter options' or just one smaller indulgence I'm sure will help.