2 months progress of strength training...

lilysmama08 Posts: 60 Member
There's a 14 lb difference between the two pics. First picture is from May 6th, second is today, June 29th.

I have a longgg way to go, about 19 pounds left to lose and a lot more work. 87 pounds down so far....



  • odirish
    odirish Posts: 82 Member
    you can really see the difference. You look great
  • empmmurray
    empmmurray Posts: 24 Member
    You look awesome!!!
    Can you give me an example of your workouts? I am new to strength training and super overwhelmed!
    amazing job!
  • mkakids
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    Great job!
  • carmkizzle
    carmkizzle Posts: 211 Member
    Wow, what a difference! You look fantastic! I was going to wait until the end of August to get back into weight lifting, but you just gave me a reason to start back ASAP.
  • quiksylver296
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    Love it! Good work!
  • lilysmama08
    lilysmama08 Posts: 60 Member
    Also, I recommend not wearing black Capris to take pics in lol. Here are some compared in shorts...

  • valerieuk1708
    valerieuk1708 Posts: 90 Member
    Awesome! I like the way your arms look! I have chicken wings at the moment that I'm trying to get rid off lol lots of strength training so they can disappear for good :-)
  • mustb60
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    Really great progress!! Specifically in the definition of stomach.

  • Domilg23
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  • RandiNoelle
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    Way to go! I keep putting off starting a strength training program but your progress is really giving me the push to start!
  • treehugnmama
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    Thanks for sharing you look great!!!...I can't believe you accomplished that in two months good for you
  • myaminals
    myaminals Posts: 197 Member
    Congrats! your progress is awesome! what kind of strength training are you doing?
  • Syneea
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    Great job!!
  • smkondy
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    Double wow!! What a difference-great work-congrats!! :)
  • 123pingpong
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    Wow! You look great!
  • lilysmama08
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    myaminals wrote: »
    Congrats! your progress is awesome! what kind of strength training are you doing?

    I posted my workouts a few comments above yours. Let me know if you need more explanation! ☺
  • Koorii
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    Excellent work! Many people (especially women) don't like and don't understand the value of lifting!