Stamina Issues

Getting back on the elliptical has been TOUGH, and I find that my stamina is nonexistant. I can do about 5 minutes at a time before I'm winded with burning legs. So then I'll get off, cool down and catch my breath for a while and go back at it later for another 5 minutes.

My question is: is there any major disadvantage to breaking up my workout like this? Honestly, I will continue to do it because it's the only way I'll stick with it (if I push myself too hard, I won't get back on for a month), but am I missing out because of it?

Thanks in advance, guys!!


  • NorthCascades
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    Turn down the intensity so you can spend more time exercising (continuously). You'll build your stamina up better by spending more time at a moderate pace than you will with faster bouts of intensity.
  • cecsav1
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    Slowly increase the duration. As you exercise more, and keep your heart rate up longer, it will get easier. If you can only do five minutes this week, go for six minutes next week, seven minutes the week after that, etc.
  • BrianSharpe
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    Just like running......slow it down / reduce intensity. If you're plan is to increase endurance most of your workouts should be at a conversational intensity.
  • soazrj
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    Breaking it up into smaller chunks isn't a bad thing. Just try to aim to improve every smaller chunk a little bit. It will soon turn into longer chunks. Just push yourself a little more each time.
  • jacksonpt
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    I agree with the advice to slow down, but to answer your question... no, there isn't a big disadvantage to what you're doing. You'll likely see better progress/improvement if you are able to go slower longer rather than in starts and stops like you describe, but you should still get some nice benefits from what you're currently doing.
  • Psychgrrl
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    I use music. Makes it easier for me. When I started running, I'd walk for a 3-4 minute song and then run to a 90 second song. I gradually shortened the walking and increased the running. Now I work on running intervals. All set to music. Also helps the time fly by for me.

    Hang in there--you'll get your endurance built up! :heart:
  • scottburger104
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    look up the maffetone method. It would be a good way to use your heart rate to increase your endurance without killing yourself.