Last try before surgery

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I live in the Huntsville area and I am trying to figure out a good plan otherwise surgery is in my future


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    Hello. I just started My Fitness Pal and am now on week two. Already lost 3lbs safely according to my dietician. Tracking everything has helped me see exactly what I am eating. I am currently on a 1500 cal a day and am in no way a salad eating person. Still eating most foods I would normally eat and still lost some weight. Starbucks, unfortunately had to go
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    Something that is very important is to address the psychological issues for the reasons of your weight. If it was just about counting calories no one would have a weight problem. For women especially there's usually a trauma in their childhood or their past that has created the problems with food. Turning to food for comfort, or a best friend. Therapy can be a great help. Surgery is wonderful but it doesn't work for everyone. In many cases unless the psychological issues are resolved surgery is only a temporary fix.
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    Hello! Logging everything you eat is a great start to find out when you eat the most and how much you actually eat. And then as the poster above mentioned one has to find out if there are any emotional triggers that make one overeat. Weigh loss is basically never ending process, and the more you know about the triggers and your eating habits the easier it gets. I started my weight loss in September 2014 weighing 286 and now I'm 189. I have still not reached my goal weight but I'm much healthier and more fit, than I have ever been. I have accepted the fact that it takes time and there are no easy and fast fixes. My dieticians (working in a hospital, that I have been seeing for 2 years) recommended for me to eat around 1600 calories a day when I started and it worked excellent. You don't have to starve yourself for this to work, nor you need to work out every day in the beginning for you to lose weight. I lost my first 44 pounds with just changing and monitoring my eating habits and taking a few walks a week. So there is no need for going into a beast mode that will exhaust you and make you quit after a month. Take baby steps, one at a time. If you need support add me as a friend.
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    I know you can do it L0veMe.
    I felt hopeless in the beginning and throughout my journey with this stuff. But the feeling fades and the results appear. Just know you're worth it. Remind yourself of that everyday.
    No weak moment or misstep is worth throwing you off your long term goals!
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    Thank you all so much, I am just not seeing this, my notifications was way off LOL. I am still trying thanks so much for all the kind words and encouragement