anyone exercise during their work lunch break?

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Anyone here work out or exercise during their lunch break at work?

Any tips or suggestions? Things to avoid?

I generally play soccer at lunch depending on numbers of players and weather, but if the soccer falls through I generally do nothing other than eat lunch.

Thought I might start going to the gym for a quick run (20 minutes) if I am not playing soccer and was wondering if any one had suggestions or advice.

I have an hour for lunch and the gym is about 5-10 minutes away from work, a few kilometres down the road, if it wasn't for the trees I could probably see it from my work.

I guess I got to work out the timing of it all, whether going to the gym is worth it, if I have enough time for travel, getting changed, running, showering etc


  • TavistockToad
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    I don't work out at lunchtime, but I always try to have a walk, even if it's only 10 minutes.

    Walk/run to the gym as your warm up and then you've got plenty of time for a workout?
  • MsArriabella
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    I've been wondering about this too. My workplace has a gym, but there's always the sweat factor I'm one of 3 girls in the office...I'd love to use the free gym, but...
  • yirara
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    I usually have lunch at my desk as I get hungry earlier than my colleagues. Sometime in the afternoon I often close my door and do something like 36 or 45 mins of bodyweight exercises.
  • yirara
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    I've been wondering about this too. My workplace has a gym, but there's always the sweat factor I'm one of 3 girls in the office...I'd love to use the free gym, but...

    Then why not? Is it something cultural that you don't want to use the gym when there are mostly men?
  • wrighty11146
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    I tend to go for a 30 min walk outside, I live in Sheffield so plenty of hills to get your heart rate up,
  • sc0rpi0gal
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    I try and get 3 x 30 min brisk walks in during my working day. I work in an office so the rest of the day is pretty much sitting. Im lucky that Im able to do this I know.
  • Machka9
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    I walk ... anywhere from 30-60 min. :)

    I also climb stairs throughout the day.
  • dolliesdaughter
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    I have (2) 15 min breaks and a half hour lunch. I walk on one of my breaks and half of my lunch. If I don't walk half of my lunch, then I walk on both of my breaks. Either way, I get a half hour walk in during the day.
  • treegirl97
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    I have an hour for my lunch and I usually spend it taking a 45-60 min walk. Still getting a bit of exercise but not getting all hot and sweaty at work.
  • Escape_Artist
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    I have a gym 5 minutes from work and I use my lunchbreak to do my cardio (20 mins HIIT or 30 minutes steady pace running). That way I can focus on lifting / yoga when I finish work.

    It's convenient, I used to always skip cardio so now I feel like I don't really have any excuse lol
    Besides, it helps release some stress midday which is a huge plus for me :smile:
  • rwhansen74
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    I live about a mile from work. When it's not so hot out, I'll walk home at lunch and walk back, with about 15-20 minutes in between to knock out chores or have a quick lunch. I haven't been recently because I'll be a gross sweaty mess for the rest of my workday, but when it cools down a bit I'll get back to it.
  • Bianca42
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    Weather permitting, I take a 1 mile walk with another girl in the office. If the weather is crappy I either do nothing, walk between the aisles in the warehouse or go to a store and walk/browse. (Pretty much rain is the only thing that keeps us away. We walked all winter long in freezing temps and snow.)
  • Indygirl_81
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    Nope, I don't get a lunch break.... I work 12 hrs straight. I also sweat too much to try to get a workout in during the middle of the day.
  • Fitwarrior7_Round_2
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    If i don't get to the gym in the morning, i try to go at lunch. At least 30 minutes of elliptical plus strength training. Plus i have the luxury of a shower here at work in the locker rooms.
  • jlemoore
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    I've gone to a gym and ran on the treadmill in years past. Now it it a fast walk for about 45 minutes or I roll out my yoga mat in my office. This is if I have enough time and if the weather is good.
  • dragon_girl26
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    I have the good fortune of having an employer who offers limited group exercise classes at lunch, so I do 30 mins of Zumba everyday. When I'm not doing that, though, I'll get out and walk on nice days, or do the elliptical or treadmill on 2 15 min breaks...just enough to start sweating. I like this because my workout is in for the day at least, so if I don't have time to do more after work, I'm covered.
  • DrewMarcy13
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    I go to the gym during my lunch break and I usually look at the group classes that are offered during lunch or do some form of cardio mainly. The other thing I do is if I didn't get all my strength training in the morning I will try to complete missing sets from the morning.
  • SashEdwards
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    I run at lunch every day, 4-5km and included walking time it's just under an hour. I work downtown and have access to go run out by the river. There's stairs too. Luckily my location can accommodate that though, but it sounds like you have that option to get out too! Why not?! For me, I have such a busy hectic life outside of work hours if I can't cram it in during the day, it may not happen. It's a time management thing for me more than anything.
  • lisalewis7588
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    I'm supposed to have two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch at the VA hospital I work at, but I'm lucky if I get five minutes to myself all day. Actually, my only real "me" time is when I use the bathroom. It's the only time I have to check my phone, etc. I usually just shovel food in my mouth in between patients while frantically typing chart notes.

    BUT, I used to (like 8 years ago) work a job that I could work out at lunch if I wanted. I did occasionally. I would usually eat at my desk about half an hour before my lunch break, then go get some cardio in. I usually stuck with a 20-30min elliptical, then quick shower & head back to work. It definitely gave me some energy to get through the afternoon!!
  • just_diana77
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    I have an Elliptical in my office and I use it for 30 min as soon as I get to work. I also get an hour for lunch, I walk outside for 30 min of that hour. I live in South Alabama the temp is about 115 with humidity, I also work with 2 men and they don't care if I smell. We all have our own offices.