Just picked up some chicken livers. Any tips.. Recipes???

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just bought a little tub of chicken livers from the store purely because I just wanted to try making them lol. It was something different, they're cheap, and they have good macros. I just didn't know what the best way to prepare them was? Sautéed, baked, marinated...etc? Also, I'm assuming you clean them from the solution they come in before you cook them??? Any tips or tricks/ recipes? Thanks!


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    Rinse them in a strainer and drain well. Dry/Blot them well with paper towels. I'm sure you can find lots of recipe ideas online for pate, etc. Salute them in olive oil with finely sliced onion, splash with white wine. Serve with a handful of olives-either black or green or both. Good luck.
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    I use Romano cheese, but this is a fabulous if not caloric recipe (eat in moderation!). http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2012/02/marc-vetris-rigatoni-with-chicken-livers-cipollini-onions-and-sage-recipe.html
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    Rinse well, pat dry, lightly coat in seasoned flour, fry in butter, more salt before you take them out, careful they will pop and the grease will fly but omg crispy and so good
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    Rinse well and dry. Take them and your fishing gear to a lake and go fishing. Catfish like them and catfish are yummy. Good trade!

    I like chicken livers, but I still think this is funny.
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    Saute with your favorite oil and some onions.
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    Make an effort into cutting the sinew. The first dish i didnt, there was a slight unpleaseant taste.

    I prefer chicken hearts to be honest.
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    I sometimes make a chicken liver pate and eat it with crudites and crackers and pickles - be warned it stinks the house out

    Easiest way, though there's lots of online recipes is to just throw the livers in a pan with water and boil till just cooked, add 3 eggs to hard boil
    Chop an onion up fine (option to gently fry or leave raw)
    Chop livers coarsely - I use a small blender
    mix with the eggs mashed with a fork
    add the onion and lots of salt to taste
    option to add creme fraiche to make it creamier
    fridge till totally cool and re-season

    although warm chicken liver salad is delicious too

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    Why rinse well. A couple of people answered this. Is there a specific reason?
    If I ate this it would have to be organic or something. Isn't liver where toxins are stored?
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    Why rinse well. A couple of people answered this. Is there a specific reason?
    If I ate this it would have to be organic or something. Isn't liver where toxins are stored?

    I don't know why this is recommended. Old school thinking was to rinse chicken and pat dry. I think the idea was to get rid of bacteria, but rinsing does nothing in that regard except spread chicken juice droplets around the sink/kitchen area and is no longer recommended.
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    In general recommendations are to rinse meat prior to cooking. I assume it's to reduce bacteria. Also, chicken livers can be kind of bloody, so rinsing is helpful. I suppose it's up to your discretion. I am not an expert so I won't comment on toxins. Numerous sources say that it's healthy and that works for me.
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    I've heard it's more for flavor, like what I've heard about browning meat. I didn't with my two recent dishes and wonder if that had anything to do with my experience.
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    Make pate. Very delicious, and you can jar it up and freeze it so it'll keep. Put a layer of melted butter on top to prevent freezer burn, it's easy to pop off once it solidifies.

    Trust me and use this recipe. You can see from the reviews I'm not the only one who likes it.
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    blot dry completely, saute in a teflon pan with no oil until not pink 3-5 min per side, remove from heat, add butter, lime juice and freshly crushed garlic, serve.
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    I ended up just doing that ^^^ sautéed them with a little salt, garlic powder, and a little smoked paprika lime seasoning blend. They were alright, the texture was definitely different than I expected, almost like a creaminess. I may have cooked them a little too long cause I was scared of undercooking but I did enjoy the difference in taste/ texture for a change(:
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    Coat in seasoned flour and fry in bacon drippings. Healthy? Nope. Yummy? Youbetcha.
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    Rinse, dry, a small bit of seasoned flour, and then saute with onions in CHICKEN FAT.
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    How do you all log them in to MFP, raw weight and fat added?