New here! Would love motivated friends

Hi I'm Angela, new to my fitness pal. Accountability, Motivation and friendship needed!


  • tgcmomof3
    tgcmomof3 Posts: 35 Member
    I'm with ya there!
  • buchanan199
    buchanan199 Posts: 9 Member
    Hi Angela. I am Brad. You can add me if you would like.
  • lilia2011
    lilia2011 Posts: 8 Member
    Hi Angela! I'm Lilia and also new to fitness pal. Looking also for motivation.
  • beskytter
    beskytter Posts: 87 Member
    New here. Add me
  • Gem27star
    Gem27star Posts: 8 Member
    Just logged on again after 12 months! Just had a baby and need motivation and support/tips/ideas to lose the baby weight! Feel free to add me!
  • caliclairebear33
    caliclairebear33 Posts: 6 Member
    Hey Angela. Feel free to add me! :) welcome to mfp
  • Lisa1660
    Lisa1660 Posts: 37 Member
    Hi Angela...welcome to the community!
  • EpicPozo
    EpicPozo Posts: 5 Member
    New here as well. Add me!
  • 2muchfnsugar
    2muchfnsugar Posts: 866 Member
    Not new here, but could definitely use some friends to keep me motivated and vice versa.
  • tomk8
    tomk8 Posts: 27 Member
    Feel free to add!
  • Wizeman22
    Wizeman22 Posts: 552 Member
    Add me!d
  • MichaelaSheppard
    MichaelaSheppard Posts: 96 Member
    Add me
  • Jlo121804
    Jlo121804 Posts: 27 Member
    You can def add me having support by ppl who have the same goal in mind
  • Jlo121804
    Jlo121804 Posts: 27 Member
    The pic on the left is the heaviest I've ever been - 201 pounds and the pic all the way to the right is what I was in December: January...gained just a little back and now I'm ready to crush it! Add me if you wanna do this together
  • Jerome1549
    Jerome1549 Posts: 14 Member
    Feel free to add me.