Any guys around 30 trying to start dieting and working out?


I always wanted to eat healthy and be in good shape. I work three night shifts a week and I love alone and for the past ten years I've been spending all my free time at coffee shops, eating 1-2 muffins or cjoxate croissants or a bagel with cream cheese every day at the xoffeeshop. I also eat sugar several times a day almost every day. I am 29 and even though it seems late to get into working out and nutrition, I really want to do this. Anybody else in a similar situation?


  • Tophers_Motivation
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    I was in my late 20s when I got my act together (not that I'm super into fitness now.) I moved to another state for a job and was in a car accident my first weekend. In the ER, I had to be weighed and it showed me in the 260s. I was floored. That was about 10 years ago. Today, I find myself at 203. It can be done and it's never too late.
  • brandondumdei
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    I'll be 34 in a few days. I have a fairly athletic background until ten years or so ago when life changes drastically. (Kids, job, ect) I decided about six months ago @ 320 lbs that enough was enough. I was starting to suffer from blood pressure issues and had a general displeasure with my current body composition. Im currently 238 lbs and train better than I did at 18. It's not the age that matters, it's all determination ad consistency.
  • Gallowmere1984
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    It's never too late to get yourself together.
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    I'm in bro. 37 and after 8 years of football and about 6 months in the Army life took over and I lost control. I'm in
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    never too late man. im 38 and I have a friend on here in his mid 60's using kettlebells and getting more fit.
  • brdnw
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    I was turning 29 when i lost 65lbs in about 7 months (285 originally)....and am turning 32 i'm slowly approaching my goal of <10% bodyfat.

    surely it's not too late to start.