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cmuise19 Posts: 42 Member
I've noticed that I'm never hitting my protein goals and I'm always hungry no matter how much I eat. What are some good ways to get more protein?


  • Calimama123
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    Where I mainly get my protein-
    -extra lean ground turkey
    -boneless skinless chicken breast
    -Nonfat plain Greek yogurt
    -protein powder
  • Sued0nim
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    Greek yogurt

  • SezxyStef
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    I try to get mine in with whole foods.

    Lean meats, fish, seafood, cheese and eggs. My diary is open so feel free to look.

    In the summer I do supplement in the morning by adding protein powder into my fruit smoothie.
  • RoxieDawn
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    Greek yogurt, lean turkey, lean chicken, fish, lean hamburger, egg whites, whole eggs , Canadian bacon, cheese, string cheese, beef jerky, pork skins (snack), nuts and nut mixes, protein powder, whole milk, 2% milk
  • CalorieCountChocula
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    Well, there are 3 grams of protein in my cheese crackers so there's that. Or so the label states proudly now that protein is a "thing."
  • MelaniaTrump
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    A serving of almonds as a snack.
  • cee134
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    Are you vegetarian/vegan? Can you open your diary? That helps people see patterns that you may not.

    Are you sure it's protein and not enough fiber, water, or carbs?
  • gibbsadrianc
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    I get most of mine from eggs, ground turkey, and steak. Be mindful in the ground turkey you select and also keep an eye on sodium intake. I surprised myself with how much I'd been eating and I DON'T add salt.
  • Antonia_I
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    Eggs. That's my go to. Followed by cheese. I eat low carb / high protein & fat so there is a lot more flexibility in the meat department than when you are eating low fat.
  • MarkusDarwath
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    cmuise19 wrote: »
    I've noticed that I'm never hitting my protein goals and I'm always hungry no matter how much I eat. What are some good ways to get more protein?

    What are your goals, percentage and grams? At 2200 calories per day doing low carb I found that I just can't hit 30% protein on a regular basis. I'd have to eat all kinds of turkey and fish that I'm not hungry for. 25% is much more attainable for me. It's hard to find a variety of straight protein foods, ones that don't come with a bunch of carb and fat calories as well.
  • caithlin_m
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    I'm having the same problem. I don't eat meat more than a couple of times a week, so I am finding it hard to get enough protein in. Today I have or will have: two hard boiled eggs, non-fat greek yogurt, tofu, black beans, cheese and brown rice all of which have some amount of protein (also fruits and vegetables with negligible amounts of protein) According to my food diary, I still need to get 29 grams of protein! I'm going to eat some peanut butter later since there is some here at work, but that only adds an additional 6 grams. I need to figure out some more good high protein snacks.
  • madgirl25
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    I drink Premier protein. I buy it at Bjs in a larger case (Sam's, Costco, Walmart) etc sell it.
    The chocolate is delicious and just 160 calories, 2 net carbs, 1 sugar and 30 protein.
    Premixed.... just chill and drink :)
  • abitofbliss
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    Edamame, chick peas, black beans, protein shake (I drink Oh Yeah!), peel n eat shrimp - also, one of my favorite quick lunches is to go to the grocery store seafood section and get a 1/2 lb of shrimp either steamed or peel-n-eat usually only around $4-5 bucks and packs some protein), turkey sausages, cheese, lunch meat rolled up with cheese (try to stay away from pre-packaged and low sodium otherwise), Bear Naked Honey/Almond, make meatballs, chicken breasts.

    Good luck! I struggle with protein as well but I have been getting average 125-150 grams a day and I love it!
  • redraidergirl2009
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    A quick way is a protein shake. Some brands make some that are low calorie that you can fit in as snacks.
  • cee134
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    What's your protein goal?
  • xvolution
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    For breakfast I usually have lowfat cottage cheese/greek yogurt/lemon juice mixed, along with a breakfast burrito [30g of protein in all of that]. For lunch and dinner it's usually tuna/beef/chicken.
  • ccrdragon
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    my typical breakfast/lunch is the following:

    1 whole egg
    2 egg whites
    3-4 oz of meat (turkey, chicken, ground beef, etc)
    veggies to taste (I usually add mushrooms and either broccoli or cauliflower)

    Pop it in the microwave (all that is available at work) for 2:30 and viola - high protein with veggies to boot.

    Today I had the above with both 3 oz of ground beef and 3 oz of turkey breast and the numbers -> 329 calories and 45 grams of protein.
  • TrailNurse
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    If you ate protein and fat wouldn't be hungry.
  • fitgoals23
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    -Egg whites or egg white products like Egg Beaters. High-protein, low-fat, and super easy to make delicious. Just scramble up with leftover veggies & meat for a great meal. I seriously cannot recommend this enough.

    -Greek yogurt. I used to really hate it, but have since found Dannon Oikos Triple Zero Greek Yogurt in Mixed Berry and Strawberry and really love it. Whatever kind you like, keep far away from added sugar.

    -Nuts. Nuts have protein and healthy fats and keep you filled.

    -Edamame/Soy and Beans. Tons of protein and creative uses. I have even found edamame pasta.

    -Protein shakes. Find the lowest-sugar protein powder you can and blend with lots of fruit, veggies, and maybe a little yogurt or nut butter. But you really need to shop around for the right protein powder.

    Most importantly: plan your meals. Before you start your day, plan how you are going to meet your protein goal. It is much easier and more effective than going back after the fact and logging and being disappointed.