Orange Theory pros & cons

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Before I invest big $$$ into Orange Theory I was wondering if anyone has utilized the program. I am looking for any input. TY


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    I took the freebie class there. It was a good workout. I do think they should offer more like a week to really get a feel for if the class is for you or not. The night I went we did segments on the rower, treadmill and some handheld weights. I did think the price was a little high for what you get but cost is relative to the individual. I like to mix things up so I'm not sure it's something I would want to do more than once a week.
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    If it's your jam to have your heartrate up on a screen in front of everyone else, maybe. That would not be motivating for me, it would scare me away from going. I don't like competition, it doesn't motivate me.

    I bought my own heart rate monitor and do my own 500-1000 calorie workouts for much cheaper ;)
  • VegasFit
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    If it's your jam to have your heartrate up on a screen in front of everyone else, maybe. That would not be motivating for me, it would scare me away from going. I don't like competition, it doesn't motivate me.

    I bought my own heart rate monitor and do my own 500-1000 calorie workouts for much cheaper ;)

    I can see your point. When I went the only info I cared about on the board was mine and trying to get and stay in the orange zone. But I don't like the fact you have to purchase their HRM to sync with the board.
  • Good for cardio training.

    Poor for everything else.
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    Do they even lift?
    I mean real lifting, not pink dumbellettes. :+1:
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    Like a lot of other exercise plans--will it motivate you? Is it something you'll enjoy? Is it a complete scam? OTF is not a complete scam--it is IMO an overpriced workout that is extremely misleading about the benefits you will receive from it. But then so again are a lot of other programs, like P90X and its relatives.

    If you need a group setting and structured routine to push to a higher level of effort, then it might be a good fit for you, and if you have been doing mostly lower-level, steady-state endurance cardio, you will almost certainly see improvement with OTF.

    If you are only going because you think it is something unique that can't be duplicated anywhere else, then you are a) wrong and b) probably wasting your money.

    Even if it is technically "overpriced", if you think it's worth it, then it is a proper value. Motivation can be valuable.
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    I went to a couple of free sessions.

    1. Intense workout for the moderately fit.
    2. One hour and you are done.
    3. Classroom, coach based.
    4. Great for techno-nerds who get off on hitting a heart rate zone. On a screen, no less.
    5. You don't have to develop your own program.
    6. "Results Guaranteed". I believe it. Do an intense workout regularly and you will see cardio gains.

    1. Difficult to modify if you are recovering from an injury.
    2. Just as expensive as the clubs, but no free access to the machine - appointment only.
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    My thoughts: at least it's not Planet Fitness.
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    Is Orange Theory like Crossfit ??
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    I thrive on interval training which is what Orange Theory does. I have been going 3-5 times a week for 3 months and my endurance and strength has improved immensely. It really is what you make it, if you continue to push yourself you will get results.
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    Motorsheen wrote: »
    Is Orange Theory like Crossfit ??

    Not at all!
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    OK thanks for all the comments. :)
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    I've been going since the beginning of June. I still have a regular gym membership at the YMCA, so that I keep the cost of OTF down. I go twice a week (8x a month). The prices for this to be your only gym seem to be too high.

    I've definitely seen gains in both strength and endurance. I've also lost 6 lbs which would probably be more if I was being careful with my logging. As far as the workout, I've been modifying many of the exercises because I am recovering from an Achilles rupture, and it's still been a great workout (no treadmill for me, they have a bike and an elliptical). I love that it is scheduled and I can't cancel it last minute because I don't feel like going. I've also never had a problem getting a class when I wanted one.

    I don't really care about the buzz words and claims from the marketing because I had enough experience with working out that I know most of the time that's a bunch a crap. It's annoying that you have to buy their heart rate monitor, but I was able to get a used one on Ebay for much less than what they charge.
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    Cherimoose wrote: »
    Do they even lift?
    I mean real lifting, not pink dumbellettes. :+1:

    IT's not that kind of gym experience Cherimoose it is more suited for cardio but they do have the heavier dunbbells for those who do lift heavier.
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    Neolithx wrote: »
    Former customer. It was a decent workout depending on the instructor but I did not like some of the things about it.
    1) It is very expensive for a Gym. When I went it was $120/month
    2) Their scheduling policies are very restrictive: Popular class times fill up quickly, so you have to schedule far in advance for the class times you want. If you can't make it, you must cancel 24 hours in advance or you get charged a fee. ($12) So if you are like me and have a very unpredictable schedule you will never be able to get a class time. and have to be on the standby list. Nothing worse than getting up early, driving to the gym and being told you the class is full. There were 2 months that I only got in 3 workouts. This was the main reason I quit.
    3) The instructors you get are hit or miss. Some are great, others are not. Which is why good classes fill up quickly. I went to one of the "bad" instructors classes and did squats, lunges and ab work the entire session.

    Neolithx I was paying more for a PT then at Orangetheory and getting a extra half hour out of it. I still belong to a gym for $14 a month that I go do heavy lifting at. Location and demand could also be a thing where you live to so that's possibly why your location is very busy. I do agree with the times of classes though because anyone with a 8-5 job plus drive time wouldn't make it to their m-f classes. Also do agree about the trainers but not the classes as they do rotate what is being done on a daily routine because some are strength days then they have endurance days and mixed days and also the times on the machines vary depending on the type of exercise.
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    I've been going for two years and I love it. I'm a 56 yo woman, but I'm older than most at my studio.

    1. It's fun--in spite of kicking my butt every time, I have fun,
    2. it is a really good workout--I would never be able to get myself to work that hard on my own, I burn about 450 calories per hour long work out,
    3. the trainers are positive and friendly, you can go at your own pace and still get a great work out--I see people who are totally out of shape come in and do well (pacing themselves) next to tri-athletes,
    4. working out in a group motivates me--I try to keep up with the people around me,
    5. I like having the classes scheduled so I know I need to be there--if I flake out and don't go, I pay a fee (yes, that is a pro, because I don't flake out),
    6. I like the mix of cardio and weight room,
    7. a full work out only takes one hour,
    8. I have always had great instructors,
    9. I've stuck with it for two years and I've never been a "gym" person before.
    10. I am in better shape and stronger and my core strength has definitely improved. I always thought I had a weak core before, but I think the rower really works.

    Cons: Expensive (but worth it).
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    I joined Orangetheory June 2017. I love it!! Take the free class and decide for yourself. You can’t go by others reviews, because we are all different, in our likes/dislikes. The only person you are in competition with is yourself. I definitely push myself more than I ever have, and it’s to be a better version of myself, not to beat another member. We are all at different levels of fitness. You can’t expect to be better than anyone/everyone. That’s another thing I love, you modify workouts to your needs. I would give up my iPhone and Mac before I gave up Orangetheory. I’m addicted and go 5 times a week, trying to fit in another day. Just sign up for the free class. :D