Scottish mum of 3 needing to get inventive...suggestions and support welcome

I have a 3 year old son and twin girls who are 21 months. I work. I feel I have no free time to exercise, so I need to get inventive!

I've used MFP in the past and know it works.

I have a family wedding at the end of September so would love to lose 28lbs by then.

I'm 5ft3 and weigh 160lbs. My tummy is my biggest problem. I really want to shed the c-section overhang.

I bought a new set of scales and they say I have 40% body fat... :/

So any words of wisdom, tips etc would be much appreciated ;)


  • leopardeyes72
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    I started the 1200 calorie diet and it works from fitness pal I didn't believe it worked but it does in started measuring things for about 2 weeks to see if I would lose weight and to my surprise it works wow !
  • Chris_cairns80
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    Im a scottish mummy of 3 also. I also have twins, mine are nearly 6 now and an 11 year old. I have a lot more than you to lose though.
    Its not easy when you have young kids. You tube has lots of workouts that you can do at home
  • scottishmammy
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    @littleonechris I think I just need to try and stick to my 1200 calories...stop munching on the kids leftovers :D and try to walk more. Would need to YouTube when everyone in bed which is not ideal :/
  • Chris_cairns80
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    The leftovers are a nightmare. Download pokemon go and go on a hunt with the kids lol. Mine love it
  • ocean_eyes25
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    Hello! I have been on and off MFP for a few years. I am a working mom of two boys 9 and 4 and it is such a challenge to find time to work out.
    I try to stick to clean eating first. Cheese is my biggest weakness. And I try to workout using my kids. So I will lift them and do squats as if they are the kettle bell. I also do a lot of "on the spot" workouts like doing a static squat for 30 seconds at a time while watching my kids play at the playground. I feel your pain!!
  • tcunbeliever
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    10 min is all it takes to squeeze in a workout, if you can find 10 min 3x a day you will make a difference...maybe squats or body weight exercises while they are in the tub (assuming you have enough room to move in the bathroom while you watch them)...maybe just putting diapers or clothes and things in inconvenient places so you have to walk all over the house to get your daily mom duties done...10 weeks to lose 28 lbs does not seem realistic, I don't lose anywhere near that fast, but any changes you make will improve your health. has a lot of different workouts, many of them are only 5 min at level 1
  • scottishmammy
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    @ocean_eyes25 cheese is one of my biggest downfallls too...great idea about working out on the spot!!

    @tcunbeliever thanks for the tips! I just realised I only have 10 weeks, so definitely not enough time :/ Achievable by Christmas though :)

    @projectsix sorry to disappoint :D Scottish Rum plays a part in the problem :D
  • scottishmammy
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    Week 1 done...4lbs gone...forever :#
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    Hello from a fellow Scot!
  • scottishmammy
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    Hello @Osiris275 :) How's your journey going?