Looking for friends with similar stats

5'4 female, mid 20 - mid 30, with over 50lbs to lose, with open diaries

Let's be friends!


  • gracepost123
    gracepost123 Posts: 81 Member
    Hi there! I'm going to add you :) I think we have similar stats and I could really use some help!!!
  • zduraj
    zduraj Posts: 15 Member
    Add me in
  • Mansuklal
    Mansuklal Posts: 10 Member
    What are you doing now a days to lose?
  • owlprincess1234
    owlprincess1234 Posts: 62 Member
    I eat 1500 cakes a day and try to get in 10000 steps daily. I try to eat healthy foods, I'll like in the long run. We eat homemade food for supper every night.
  • heidsmagg
    heidsmagg Posts: 6 Member
    I have similar stats :) will add you .
    Anyone else, feel free to add me too, looking for some buddies to journey with
  • punkrockgoth
    punkrockgoth Posts: 534 Member
    Hi! I'm female, 5'5", 31 years old, looking to lose 130 lbs, 20 lbs down so far. I eat between 2000-2400 calories a day (highly active, don't eat back exercise calories). I have an open diary and am diet agnostic but love plants. I'm mouthy and sarcastic. Feel free to add me, but do so at your own risk.