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carrieloveshk Posts: 128 Member
I had 22 lbs to lose (started at 137). I've lost 10 lbs now but I started to notice my (very nice) VS bras are getting too big. Anyone has any advice?

I know losing weight is exciting but bras are pricey! YIKES.


  • spiritedmis
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    my boobs are the LAST place I lose weight. But I am a very large busted person too. SOrry you are struggling with this!
  • agzram
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    Happened to me too....stinks because I had just purchased 5 very expensive bras....I found some cheaper ones at Khols and Target until I hit my goal....
  • Alassonde
    Alassonde Posts: 228 Member
    I had to buy all new ones. I guess my only advice would be to wait until you absolutely have to replace them (hopefully you only have to do it once!) and enjoy shopping.
  • andreascarff
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    I buy the clearence bras at LaSenza until I hit my goal. It sucks, but will be worth it in the end!!
  • angelwowings23
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    Honestly, there's no way around this. Boobs (and butts) are fat. When you lose weight, you're basically guaranteed to lose weight in these areas. So, I was a D-cup... Had my daughter, breastfed...stopped breastfeeding: Hello, full C-Cup. I've been a huge fitness addict for over a decade but when I really started actively tracking food and maintaining a caloric deficit: Hellooooooo, B-Cup. :-1: What can we do? I'll take abs over a huge rack any day, though. Maybe just purchase some cheap bras until you get to a place where you know you can't lose much more and it's worth it to invest in the more expensive bras again.
  • chocolate_owl
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    Don't spend more than $15 on a bra until you're sure your boobs are done shrinking, or just pad the ones you have until you're ready to buy more. It happens, and it sucks... I only buy VS bras because they fit so much better than every other brand I've tried, so restocking was a real investment. The semi-annual sale is your friend!
  • LillysMomma09
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    30 pounds down..and the girls are deflating... I just bought some cheapies until I stop losing, then I'll buy some good ones again.
  • laur357
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    If the band size still fits ok, maybe get some inserts to fill out the cups until you're ready to replace the bras with a smaller size?
  • 02drinker
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    I've always been large busted and support is important! But with that said, I've lost enough that I'm down to DD's again. I still have more to lose so I invested in some nice sport bras to get me to my goal. Then I'll go get measured and spend the big bucks for good support once again. In the meantime, I have a couple cheaper bra sfor times a Sport Bra would be inappropriate.
  • jenovatrix
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    Time to do some bra-vangelism!

    Check out this site. As most of us know most women are wearing the incorrect bra size. This shows you a new way to measure and it works, and has totally changed my life! I don't have the weird gaps anymore or straps falling off my shoulders.

    Once you've determined your new size you may be able to get away with cheapie Target/Walmart bras until you hit your goal. Me, I'm still paying $50/each for mine. 34F for cripes' sake, you can't find those in a store!
  • b3achy
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    Yep, I always lose the girls first before everything else. I'm currently still wearing my 'too big' bras after a 10 pound loss also because I'm as cheap as they come. I like the idea of the insets, since I have a ton of removable ones from my sports bras which are always just getting twisted up in them, so I took them out. Maybe I'll see if they work for a while. Feel silly 'padding' my bras, but I agree, they are too expensive to just go out and buy new ones until I hit my goal weight. Sadly, most of my old bras from before my weight gain were apparently the wrong size for me, so they aren't even an option at this point. Luckily, I pretty much live in my sports bras right now, so it only affects me when I've got to get cleaned up like for church or meeting up with people.
  • nowolga
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    Even at my lowest weight (160-170ish), I was still a DD. I have always been a DD and I hope this time around, the girls lose some weight as well. CW: 241
  • sarabeth120
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    I can only repeat what others have said... wait until the last minute to buy a new bra. That's what I did. Make sure to get measured before you get the bra, so you have the right size.
  • fanceegirl75
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    Genetics! We all lose differently. When I lost 50 lbs 5 years ago my 38DDs went down to 34Cs at my lowest weight. As I gained the weight back last year the girls gained as well. Sux how that works lol!
  • carrieloveshk
    carrieloveshk Posts: 128 Member
    Thank you so much everyone for your advice! I might try padding my bras until I'm ready to commit to buying new ones. I never thought I'd have any complaints about losing weight. Hahaha.
  • emdeesea
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    I stuck with the cheaper ones until I was just about at goal weight. Thing is, my band size shrunk but the cup size stayed the same. So now I'm wearing some ridiculous size like 30 F or something that I CAN'T buy at Kohl's.
  • WickedPineapple
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    My boobs were the last to go. So I agree with everyone above. Don't go out and buy all new expensive bras until you're done losing weight (go for the cheap ones if need be). I had the same volume/cup size through most of my weight loss, but my band size went down when I lost fat off my back and rib cage. So I got new bras. Then I lost half a pound in a month and my bust measurement went down 2". I was stunned. I had to buy a whole new set of bras (again).
  • girl_inflames
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    I was also extremely upset about this. My VS bras are very expensive as well and I've lsot 45 pounds so they obv. don't fit anymore. I had to buy some at the semi annual sale. I went form a 36DD to a 36D (my average size) to a 34DD to a 34D. I refused to buy 36DDs so I just had bras that were too small. At 34DD I bought one or two and hoped I would adjust to a 34D. Now I've bought quite a few 34Ds. Hopefully I don't go any smaller.
  • girl_inflames
    girl_inflames Posts: 375 Member
    oh! by the way, if you bought the bra within a certain time period (I believe 90 days, check your receipt) VS will let you exchange sizes, even if you've worn them! I did this. :)
  • palomapavlova
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    I was a 36G at the start of my weight loss journey and -70lbs+, I'm on the small side of a 34FF, so 2 cup sizes and 1 band size down. I'm still nursing my son 2-3 times a day so I expect once I'm done and at goal (another 20ish lbs) I'll be down another 2 cup sizes at least. Luckily, I've yo-yoed so much that I have a variety of bra sizes on hand but once I dip below a 34 band and an F cup, I'll have to buy more.
    They aren't cheap in my size, but totally worth it to have at least 1 bra that fits well.