38 yo female with 100 plus to lose

charis458 Posts: 20 Member
Hi, I am a 38 year old single mom with two kids. I work full time and have over 100 lbs to lose. I have been workig out early mornings before work for 8 weeks, and recently started the food diary. Am trying to make slow changes. Now I need to find a better support system so am looking for new support!


  • Angelaadt
    Angelaadt Posts: 2 Member
    Good luck with your journey!
  • royboy969
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    Good luck, There are many that have gone thru this before you. You have the right idea. Slow changes. Remember this is a journey to change your life. The kids demand your time so it will always be an obstacle, but will always be what drives you. My best advice would be, be true to yourself in your logging. Remember there will be days that you will be over.. That is part of the learning. Always be willing to ask for advice. Someone has already had to deal with it..
    If you wish, feel free to add this old guy.. That is for anyone..
  • caroldavison332
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    I lost 29 pounds this year and have at least 60 to go. Welcome aboard. 80% of this is diet so concentrate on that.
  • charis458
    charis458 Posts: 20 Member
    That's great that you have made so much progress!
  • Amberleah21
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    My name is Amber. I too am 38 yo. And I have nearly 100 lbs to lose. Always looking for people with similar goals. Sending a friend request.