Beating the Heat???

ok so I HAVE to ask everyone! how/what do you do to beat the heat?! I am naturally always over warm to began with! We're talking walking out side in 10 degree weather in a tank top with not even a thin hoodie on to keep me warm. needless to say I don't handle summer well! Most Summers we have are fairly mild but this year! IT's been in the 90's with like 80 percent humidity more days than not! I don't have ac or even a window unit. The best I can afford is a small fan or two. My problem is the last few days I've actually woken up motivated to move! But then the heat hits me and it's like ugghh not leaving my fan! So I sit here all day feeling hot and moody and frustrated due to the heat and not being able to get up and do what I want. Ok I COULD do it but the minute I move from in front of the fan I lose all interest and go back to sit down. I'm beginning to feel very moody and frustrated both with myself and this heat. I would go swimming but the closest pool or lake is 30 miles away with no car and I'm not THAT motivated to take the bus in this heat to get there and back not to mention the costs of all of that as well. So please help! I really do want to become more active but all I can seem to do is sit here and steam over this weather instead.


  • queenliz99
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    It's hot here where I am too! I get out early and hike with my dog before it gets too warm. Eyes peeled to the trail and looking for rattlers because they like the heat! Get out early, get out often!! My motto!!
  • Mnaminal
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    You could try body weight routines with the fan blowing on you. Darebee.Com is a good place to start. It's been in the 90s with high humidity here too, and I'm a melter... Above 65F and I'm starting to sweat. I've been okay rowing in the garage with the fan on me full blast.
  • deedoe83
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    The only way i can beat the heat is get up really early before it warms up. Getting up at sunrise is the only way I can stand to workout in summer.
  • Packerjohn
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    Just go out and do it. Hydrate well, you will be fine.
  • sunnybeaches105
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    Get moving outside. I do all of my exercise outdoors and it's in the 90s here. We also do not over air condition our house and cars. It helps to acclimate
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    "Walk at Home" is an indoor walking program (YouTube or DVDs). I use it when it's too snowy, icy or 90+ outside.

  • Shana67
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    I would recommend getting up before the sun rises, or just at dawn, to exercise.

    As for me, I am the type of person who is ALWAYS, and I mean *always* cold - so summer is like heaven to me, even when it's stifling. Better than being cold :)
  • Machka9
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    Do laps around your local shopping centre.

    Gyms are often air conditioned too.

    Personally, I'm longing for some warm weather. It's the middle of quite a chilly winter here with no end in sight. and I find the cold just drains me.
  • BewitchedBelinda99
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    I feel your pain. I would much rather be cold than hot. I live in England so we don't get it very hot here but I still force myself out of the house some days. I have an exercise bike indoors too which I use when it cools down.
  • Lizzy622
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    Ditto the early morning walk. I get up around 5;30 to be out by 6. It is perfect temp for a walk. Since you are 30 minutes from pool, I am assuming you are far from air conditioned shopping centers and such. A cold towel on the back of your neck( my husband wraps ice in a small towel) while walking also helps make a hot walk bearable.